Kelly champions “Absolute Zero”: a commitment to total workplace safety, health, and continuous growth.

    Striving for Absolute Zero.

    Kelly is committed to promoting health and safety in the workplace. Our vision of providing the world's best workforce solutions drives us to relentlessly strive for Absolute Zero: a goal of having zero on-the-job accidents, injuries, and illnesses. This pursuit requires each one of us to take personal responsibility for our own safety, as well as the safety of our coworkers. 

    We actively cultivate a culture that encourages open dialogue about working conditions, holds every employee personally accountable for safety and health compliance, engages in effective safety partnerships, and continuously assesses worksites to ensure a safe work environment for all.

    Safety is our number one priority.

    Ongoing commitment

    Kelly has several Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) and is the only global workforce solutions provider to have Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) on staff to serve as a resource to clients and talent.


    Our Global Safety and Health Program ensures our highest safety practices are executed in customers’ workplaces, complying with ISO 45001 and OSHA standards.

    Awards & recognition

    Kelly has received 60+ awards for safety excellence from some of the most safety-sensitive global organizations.

    It's all about partnership.

    We work hand-in-hand daily with our customers and employees to ensure that workplace health and safety is everyone’s shared, top priority.

    It starts with us evaluating every single worksite that our employees enter. We provide a pre-assignment risk assessment, worker training, and analyses of incident reports to assess our customers’ commitment to safety standards. We then provide recommendations for determining what conditions may exist in the workplace, and which hazards may be encountered.

    From there, our customers are regularly monitored through our performance evaluation metrics and safety committees, and our employees continue to receive site-specific safety training. Our commitment to safety is ongoing, always evolving, and paramount in everything that we do.


    Leading auto company outsources fleet vehicle inspections to Kelly

    By moving all outsourced services to Kelly, initial savings captured from the program showed a 23% cost reduction per inspection performed. This translates to savings of more than $8 million in total contract value.


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