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    We’re at a critical juncture in the evolution of work. We live in an age of smart machines where repetitive tasks, no matter how complex, are being increasingly automated. This has a profound impact on our workforce: As certain jobs disappear, new jobs are created in their place— increasing the demand for new skills.  

    Employers need a highly-skilled workforce, and workers need more skills to grow their careers. The Kelly Certification Institute provides lifelong learning opportunities that help individuals, schools, and businesses achieve their goals. 

    About our Registered Apprenticeship Program:

    For employers:  icon image
    For employers:

    Get a discount on talent when you help provide a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. Our apprenticeship program finds on-demand talent for your hard-to-fill roles.

    For schools:  icon image
    For schools:

    Grow your program, build your enrollment, and prepare your students for lifelong careers. Our apprenticeship program provides the structure for combining classroom learning with on-the-job training.

    For job seekers:  icon image
    For job seekers:

    Earn the credentials you need for the job, and life, you want. Our apprenticeship program combines on-the-job learning with the technical education you need to accelerate your career.


    Why should I create an apprenticeship program?

    They are a fantastic way to find the best talented workers that don’t come through the traditional recruiting roadmaps

    The Kelly registered apprenticeship program is a partnership between educational institutions, our client companies and other stakeholders who implement on-the-job training, empowering talents the skills needed for a career path in an official platform. This is in particular a viable platforms for workers who formally struggled in a conventional educational system or could afford to attend college.

    Is it hard to administer an apprenticeship?

    The administrative process is not cumbersome and Kelly is here to support 100%.

    The process for registering an apprenticeship is straightforward; it’s constructed digitally and can be submitted electronically. In addition, tracking the time spent on on-the-job training is even easier to submit within the DOL’s online tool, and as the apprentice program concludes, our clients will already have the data in one place to help assess return on investment. 

    How much control do I have as a customer?

    Our clients have 100% control.

    Registered apprenticeships can be designed to meet the specific needs of their business – from the skills being trained to the SOPs the apprentice must adhere to while on-site. However, the program is completely flexible and can modify to best fit our clients’ business objectives.

    Aren’t apprenticeships the “old way” of developing a workforce?

    If by old way you mean a tried and true way of learning by doing, then yes.

    Is college a better choice?

    Apprentices take college-level courses part-time, while they are working full time. The final result is a college credential.

    With skilled trades dying off is there much need for apprentices?

    Skilled trade workers are more important today than ever. There is a distinct shortage of these workers that apprentices can fill and make great money doing.

    So I train the apprentices and they leave for a better job elsewhere?

    Apprenticeships create loyalties with those who trained them, and apprentices usually remain on with these employers well beyond the program’s end.

    Do you have to be union-affiliated?

    No. In fact, there are more registered non-union than union companies.

    Aren’t apprenticeships just internships?

    No. Internships might lead to employment, but apprenticeships always lead to a job. 

    How expensive is setting up a Registered Apprenticeship (RA) Program?

    There is no cost at all to create and set up an RA Program.

    What kinds of financial returns will I see?

    According to the Department of Labor (2021), 92% of registered apprentices still remained at the job 120 days after the commencement of the program. Even with the upfront nominal investment of paying the apprentices at a much lower rate compared to a journey person plus tuition, the ROI is $1.47 on every $1 invested.


    The future of work requires a return to apprenticeships

    To be prepared for the quickly evolving workplace and establish a workforce with both technical aptitude and soft skills, some experts are advising a return to apprenticeships. 


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