Master Vendor Programs

    Take the complexity out of finding and managing great contingent talent.

    Juggling multiple vendors should be a thing of the past.  

    Your contingent workforce powers your organization—giving you the flexibility to move fast. A custom Kelly master vendor program connects you with the right people, at the right price. Best of all, your solution is delivered by a single, trusted, industry-leading talent partner.

    No matter your organization’s shape or size, we specialize in reducing costs and complexities that slow you down. Through top technology, deep expertise, and brilliant service, we provide the high-quality workers and increased visibility you need.  

    Our master vendor program delivers:

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    When you choose a master vendor solution with Kelly, you unlock simple, streamlined processes, fast and simple implementation, and easy on- and offboarding of suppliers and talent.

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    Gain visibility of 100% of your contingent workforce. We help you to see your workforce more clearly—to understand where you are today and plan for tomorrow through powerful analytics and reporting.

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    Cost optimization

    We understand that your bottom line is an important part of your talent strategy, and we leverage our supply chain and global reach to ensure you can always access the right talent at the right price.

    Cutting-edge technology mixed with top-notch compliance.

    We use the latest talent technology to ensure you always have access to the support you need. From applicant tracking and communication to workforce management and process automation, a master vendor agreement with Kelly allows you to plug in to our expansive suite of talent technologies for the right insight and reach.

    What's more, we get to know who you are and what matters to your business to provide a high-quality, tailored service that meets your unique needs. We maintain these high standards through transparent and robust compliance and governance procedures and meaningful KPIs that ensure you can easily chart our performance.


    Kelly saves auto company $8 million by outsourcing inspections

    Kelly delivered cost savings and improved data visibility for one leading auto manufacturer. 


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