Attracting Talent

    We source the best and brightest and invest in their growth, keeping employee satisfaction a top priority.

    Securing top talent and unlocking their potential.

    Securing top talent is at the heart of our mission. We don't just find the best; we strive to be the best for them. We provide robust training that broadens their horizons and equips them with essential skills. We invest in their career growth, nurturing their potential and fueling their future successes.

    Kelly is not just a workplace; it's a launchpad for careers that soar. Here, talent isn't only recognized—they are celebrated, developed, and empowered. And we want to shape tomorrow together.  

    # 1 for U.S. temporary staffing, according to Forbes.

    Hiring & recruitment

    With a network of 70,000+ hiring managers, we directly employ and support 440,000+ careers annually. We don't just put people in jobs—we seek a perfect fit to the companies we work with.

    Training & development

    We've got your back by providing our employees with the training they'll need to succeed on Day 1. Plus, we’re committed to helping them flourish in a career long-term.

    Rewards & recognition

    Recognition is important: that's why we offer referral bonuses and rewards to celebrate our employees' contributions. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for being an incredible part of your team.

    An unmatched approach to recruiting.

    We employ an innovative "experts-hiring-experts" model—meaning our recruiters have real-world experience in the same fields as the candidates they're sourcing, interviewing, and hiring.

    We target potential applicants using multi-channel recruitment marketing strategies that are proven to work for your industry—from social media campaigns, to job boards and fairs, to grassroots networks in your community.

    Plus, our recruiters spend time aligning each candidate’s goals and experience with your unique needs and culture, matching the right person to the right job.

    Recruitment marketing tactics we leverage include:

    • Job boards 
    • Grassroots marketing
    • Virtual and in-person job fairs
    • Higher education and community partnerships
    • Paid print and digital media
    • Paid and organic social media
    • Search engine optimization and marketing
    • Candidate referral programs
    • Individual networking and cold calling 
    • And more!

    EVP: Your talent attraction and retention secret weapon

    Need a creative, exciting way to attract talent? An effective employee value proposition (EVP) is an important tool for companies to differentiate themselves in the market for applicants and build loyalty among current employees.


    Elevate your contact center.

    KellyConnect has a proven record of creating customized contact center outsourcing solutions that feature the market’s best talent and technology.

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