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Kelly Discover brings historically overlooked talent to the forefront of the job market and provides the support these individuals need to begin careers with our client partners. Our solutions support a stable, diverse workforce—helping you meet your diversity goals, while transforming real lives in your community.

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Increasing diversity takes time. Choose a partner who can deliver.

Our leadership team at Kelly Discover has a great track record—historically placing 3,000+ overlooked, socioeconomically, and racially diverse adults into professional career tracks. We’ve learned what works, and we’ll help you meet your DEI goals while giving motivated talent a life-changing opportunity to reach their potential.

What are we solving for?

Research shows that diverse and inclusive workforces foster a more innovative and creative environment, reduce turnover, and increase profits. We bridge the gap between hiring processes that may not have been set up to be inclusive, and we provide ongoing support for new hires from underrepresented talent groups.

How will we do it?

We provide our partners with upfront consulting, ongoing training, and fit- and match-based placements. We then stay engaged through customized talent coaching and individualized career development practices. Meaning you meet your specific DEI goals, while nurturing diverse talent groups.

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For more information on how Kelly Discover can help you reach your DEI goals, call us at 720.738.8744 or complete the form below.