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Job seekers today have become more and more agile, creating a workforce with new rules. They don't stay at the same company for their whole career. They embrace modern ways of working. They value their freedom and flexibility. Sound familiar?

This new independent mindset and nontraditional workstyle is here to stay, and smart companies are embracing it so they can connect with the best of the best.

We're proud to help modern organizations achieve the growth they're looking for, and to give talented people a community where they can grow and thrive. Let’s see what we can all achieve together.

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Still weighed down with outdated views about temporary work? Catch up with the new world of work—we think temporary is beautiful.


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"I wanted to go back into what I had been doing before, working as a research associate…I got a call from Kelly, had my interview, and the very next day they said, ‘We’d really like to hire you."

- Jennifer Simmons