Employee Appreciation Day

    February 26, 2020

    According to the National Day Calendar, the first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a day when employers across all industries are encouraged to focus on recognizing their employees’ contributions.

    Why is Employee Appreciation Day important?

    In every company, the employees are one of the greatest assets. And as Mann and Dvorak report in their article, “Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact” for Gallup, recognizing your employees makes them feel motivated and valued— plus, it provides them with a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, it boosts engagement and productivity. Last, but certainly not least, it increases loyalty to the company resulting in higher retention. 

    Great ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

    The way you celebrate your employees will depend on a few factors. Your budget, schedules, and the size of your team, for example. Here are some ideas for Employee Appreciation Day to consider.

    Small to modest budget

    Don't have much wiggle room in the budget? No worries! There are plenty of non-cash ways to express your appreciation. For one, organize an in-person meeting to thank them for their contributions. Take time to recognize each employee noting their specific accomplishments.

    If you have funds available, you can level-up the in-person meeting by adding employees' favorite coffee, tea, or drink. Other ideas include buying the team lunch or passing out gift cards. 

    Flex day for busy schedules 

    If schedules won't allow for an in-person gathering, show your appreciation with flex time. Send out a group email thanking them for their hard work. Then let them choose a flexible workday. Allowing your team a flex day to work from home or leave early.

    Larger budget, great experience

    If you have a larger budget, show employees how much you appreciate them with Instagram-worthy experiences. For example, a sushi-making class or a day at the amusement park. Depending on your team’s preferences, decide whether it’s best to give individual employees separate experiences or to organize a group outing. 

    Be genuine and thoughtful

    Finally, as Grace Ferguson points out in her article “How to Celebrate Employees” for Chron, it’s not so much the scope of the celebration that counts — it’s the fact that you deliver it in a genuine and thoughtful manner. As a result, you'll stand the greatest chance of your thank you affecting them in a positive manner.


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