10 traits of an effective people leader

    April 30, 2019

    Behind every successful team, there’s a good manager — someone who motivates their employees and guides them towards the company’s objectives. Of course, if you want to enhance your managerial abilities, it’s helpful to know what characteristics you need to develop. According to experts, an effective manager: 

      1. Is focused. As Maren Hogan points out in her Forbes article “The Seven Qualities That Make Great Managers So Effective,” a good manager can focus on their objectives for a sustained period of time.

      2. Knows how to prioritize. Prioritization is key to achieving company goals. An effective manager selects the most important tasks and ensures they get completed before turning his or her attention to the rest of the work. 

      3. Is honest. Employees value managers who are honest and authentic — even when dealing with challenging issues. They need to know where they stand in order to improve.

      4. Is accountable. In his LinkedIn article titled “11 Qualities All Great Managers Possess,” Ilya Pozin states that good managers are accountable for their objectives. They take responsibility when goals aren’t achieved and work hard to find solutions. 

      5. Fosters an inclusive work environment. A good manager knows that diverse teams drive innovation. By selecting employees based solely on their abilities, he or she works hard to create a workplace where all team members can be themselves and succeed.

      6. Coaches employees. From advising team members on how to complete a task to helping them plan their careers, a great manager coaches employees so they can advance towards their goals. 

      7. Empowers employees. An effective manager has a positive, can-do attitude and empowers his or her team members to perform their best.

      8. Possesses outstanding communication skills. Different employees have different communication styles and preferences. A good manager needs to know how to interact with each of them. This involves active listening, as well as knowing how to  speak and write clearly in order to get the message across.  

      9. Has excellent technical skills. Good technical skills enable a manager to properly understand the various team members’ workloads and help them complete their tasks.

      10. Has a strategic vision for the team. As Stav Ziv states in his article “10 Traits of a Great Manager, According to Google’s Internal Research for The Muse, an effective manager needs to be able to translate the company’s strategy into a strategy for the team. That way, employees know how their work contributes to the company’s success. 

    Now you know which traits all good managers have in common, you can evaluate which ones you possess and which ones you still need to develop. By consistently honing your abilities, you can become more effective at your job — and as a result rise to the next level on your career path.




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