Skilled Professional Solutions

    Your solution for managing employees with greater expertise than temporary workers—without full-time costs.

    Consultants who do more than consult.  

    Need to bridge the gap between temporary and full-time employment? We do it by taking the complexity out of contracting high-value workers. Skilled Professional Solutions (SPS) allow companies to engage career professionals—not just as consultants, but as subject matter experts who actually do the work.

    This solution brings someone with hands-on experience to your organization for the duration of a project, regardless of its length. And our management of these professionals, including their benefits, makes it easier for companies to retain or rehire them—bringing greater continuity to your workflow. 

    Where skilled professional solutions work:

    Navigating uncertainty  icon image
    Navigating uncertainty

    Operating in economic uncertainty oftentimes means cycles of rightsizing and scaling your workforce. Our solution is a seamless way for companies to engage qualified talent when they need them, while maintaining high standards.

    Extended leave  icon image
    Extended leave

    What happens when a crucial employee must step away for an extended period of time? We offer you a full-time, dedicated professional with the skills and expertise needed to bridge the gap.

    Project work  icon image
    Project work

    When it comes to high-value, time-sensitive work, there’s no substitute for experienced individuals. With our solutions, you’ll find a wide range of proficient individuals ready to take on any challenge.

    Expert support, entirely on your terms.



    EVP: Your talent attraction and retention secret weapon

    From driving loyalty by creating a set of values to rally around, to standing out to top candidates, your employee value proposition is a powerful tool for retaining and attracting talent.


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