What new tools are available to help navigate these turbulent times?

What new tools are available to help navigate these turbulent times?

COVID-19 has all of us practicing social distancing. If you’re one of the many managers working from home until you can go back to the office, you might need some extra help navigating these challenging times. 

Productivity apps for your team

Are you supervising your team remotely for the first time? You might find these apps useful:

Microsoft Project: Assigning tasks and keeping track of what your team members are working on becomes super easy with Microsoft Project. Although it’s a bit more complicated to use than apps like Asana® and Wrike, it offers more features—making it easy to distribute workloads among your team, outline how long tasks should take, and set conditions that need to be met before a new activity can be started. These features can be especially helpful to keep your remote team productive and on the same page. 

ZoomYou might be familiar with this powerful video conferencing tool for team meetings, but did you know that it allows you to add a virtual background? That’s right: no more worrying about picking up your living room before a meeting. Zoom’s virtual background feature allows you to select an image to display behind yourself. You can even add your own image instead of the in-app choices. Learn how to add a virtual background with these easy instructions from Lifewire.

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking: If typing isn’t working for you to keep in touch with your team remotely, try Dragon NaturallySpeaking—one of the most accurate dictation apps on the market. It’s available in different formats, including a mobile version, so take the time to figure out which one is best for you. Then watch your productivity take off!

Productivity apps for yourself

In addition to managing your team, you need to keep yourself on track during the workday. Check out these handy apps:

  • IFTTT®: Does time keep ticking away when you’re doing things, like setting reminders for yourself before meetings? Then IFTTT is the app for you. It allows you to connect web apps, devices, and services without having to code. It’s super easy to use—and it can save you a lot of time on the small tasks that take up your day.
  • Stayfocusd: If you have trouble staying off your favorite websites when you’re working remotely, Stayfocusd can help. This productivity extension for Google Chrome® limits the amount of time you can stay on “time-wasting” sites. When your time is up, you can’t access the site for the rest of the day.

Apps to reduce anxiety

In all this uncertainty, it’s not unusual for your anxiety levels to skyrocket. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) has reviewed these apps, which you might find helpful:

  • Anxiety Reliever: This app helps you identify your triggers and provides calming audio sessions to help you overcome anxiety. It also offers tips to help you relax and can send positive messages to your device. 
  • Breathe2Relax: Designed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, this is an intuitive and easy-to-use app that teaches you how to use breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and manage stress. It includes a demo video, written resources, and charts you can use to map your progress.

These are just some of the handy apps available to get you through these challenging times. And you never know, you might just find them so helpful that you keep using them after the outbreak.

While we don’t have all the answers yet about how long this public health crisis will persist, please know Kelly remains open and operational—here to serve and champion for you. 

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