Strategies to Boost Employee Spirit

Strategies to Boost Employee Spirit

Did you know that March is Employee Spirit Month? It’s also one of those in-between months where it’s not really winter anymore but not quite spring yet… so employee morale is often low. And when morale is low, it’s not long before performance and productivity suffer. That means it’s time to step in with some of these spirit-boosting strategies:

  • Celebrate your employees. Employee spirit is an important aspect of company culture and contributes significantly to your organization’s success. So why not show your team how much you appreciate them by organizing an office dinner? Say a few words about how each employee contributes to the team’s success to show them how much you value their work individually and as a cohesive team.
  • Challenge your team to enhance their performance. In her article titled “You Can Boost Employee Morale” for The Balance, Susan M. Heathfield highlights how important it is for employees to share in their leadership’s vision for the company. Discuss with your team how their tasks and objectives contribute to this vision to get them excited about their work and the company again. Then challenge them to come up with better, more effective ways to reach their goals. Have them break down each goal into smaller goals and set milestones to measure progress.
  • Select an office charity. As Nicole Fallon Taylor explains in “5 Unique Ways to Raise Employee Morale” for Business News Daily, many workers value social responsibility and want to give back. You can support them by asking the team to choose an office charity and giving them paid time off (PTO) to volunteer for it each week or month.
  • Throw a St. Patrick’s Day party. Sometimes, getting the team together to have fun can be the most effective way to boost morale. Since St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th, right in the middle of Employee Spirit Month, it’s the perfect opportunity to organize a party for the team so everyone has something to look forward to. Just make sure that no one is too swamped with work to celebrate—if necessary, extend deadlines to give your employees more bandwidth.

Boosting employee spirit is good for engagement, motivation, performance, and retention. And while these four strategies are highly effective, you can always put your own spin on them to create spirit-boosting tactics that work effectively year-round.



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