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Hiring Interns

Intern program expertise

Kelly intern administration services are designed to alleviate the administrative burden associated with running internship and co-op programs, allowing our customers to focus on developing interns as potential employees. We relieve companies of non-core tasks that reduce face time with the interns, such as orientation, payroll, expense reimbursement, record keeping, tax form filing, and W2 distribution.

Reduce paperwork.  Restore productivity.

Geared toward companies that have at least 100 intern or co-op students, our intern program solutions are extremely flexible and can be customized to address any specific need. We’ll assume the administrative aspects of an internship or co-op program so you can concentrate on building relationships and mentoring a strong future workforce. And with Kelly intern administration services, you'll boost your company's efficiency and gain consistency through centralized coordination and a single-source contact.

Specialty divisions

Because we have expertise in specialized professional and technical disciplines, we are uniquely positioned to find the interns you need in the areas of engineering, finance and accounting, IT, and science.

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