Seven publications every manager should read

    August 14, 2017

    If you’re a good manager, you make sure to stay up to date on developments in your industry. If you’re a great manager, you also stay up to date on developments in the field of management. Reading the following seven publications will help:

    1.Harvard Business Review: As one of the most respected business magazines in the world, Harvard Business Review provides academic insights into developments and trends in the world of management. It’s aimed towards academics, the C-suite, and mid-level managers, often providing data from recent studies to substantiate the articles. Topics range from leadership and strategy to innovation and HR management—and more. 

    2.Fortune: Another staple of the business world and the publisher of the annual Fortune 500 list, Fortune has been a prime source of business news and practical leadership advice for 87 years. The following sections are especially of interest to managers: LeadershipCareersFortune Insiders, and The 21st Century Corporation.

    3.Forbes: Almost a century old, Forbes covers a wide range of topics ranging from business and finance news to technology, opinion, and leadership. While a lot of its content is geared to C-suite executives, if you’re an aspirational manager, you can definitely benefit from it. In addition, the Lifestyle section is an enticing collection of articles about celebrities, designer goods, and luxury getaways—so if you need some motivation to climb the corporate ladder, look no further!

    4.MIT Sloan Management Review: For almost 60 years, MIT Sloan Management Review has been leading discussions about technology-driven advances in management practices. It counts some of the world’s top thought leaders and innovators among its contributors. While the content is a bit dryer than that of other business magazines, it’s full of cutting edge research and insights. In addition, it offers a substantial number of e-books, webinars, and videos that explore specific topics more in-depth.

    5.Entrepreneur: Though Entrepreneur is geared towards entrepreneurs and small businesses, it features a lot of content about leadership and management that is useful for middle managers. From tried and trusted management tips to in-depth discussions on workplace trends, you’ll definitely find articles with actionable advice here.

    6.DiversityInc: For the past 20 years, DiversityInc has been providing news, advice, and insights about diversity in the workplace. It represents views of minorities in the U.S. workplace, including African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans, LGBTQIA individuals, as well as disabled and obese people. Topics include diversity management, healthcare, legislation, career advice, and even supplier diversity. Considering the growing importance of diversity in the workplace, this publication should be on every manager’s radar.

    7.Fast CompanyFast Company focuses on leadership, technology, and innovation. While its content isn’t specifically geared toward management, it’s nevertheless useful information for aspirational managers who want to stay up to date on innovations that are impacting the business world. One of its most interesting features is the World Changing Ideas section, which reports on the most cutting-edge trends, initiatives, and developments that are changing the way our world works. For managers who want to hone their “thinking outside the box” skills, Fast Company provides an informative, fun source of information.

    If you don’t have enough time to check all of these publications each week, then signing up for their newsletters can be a good idea to get a quick overview of the most recent and popular articles. Remember: you never know when you’ll find a little nugget of information or advice that can help you become an even better manager and advance your career.


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