Leading machine tool manufacturer finds Controller

    June 22, 2020

    Leading machine tool manufacturer finds Controller by placing order on Kelly Finance & Accounting® website


    Charmilles Technologies Manufacturing Corporation (CTMC), a fast-growing machine tool manufacturer, had a difficult time recruiting a Controller to work at its Owosso, Michigan location. CTMC conducted several employee searches but possible candidates lacked the necessary advanced accounting and finance skills. Without the resources to successfully attract a high-level employee in a small community, CTMC needed a much larger pool of talent to make the best selection.

    While the position remained unfilled, the president of CTMC was forced to assume the Controller’s day-to-day responsibilities and neglected his core business. This negative impact caused the business to miss key objectives and lose productivity.

    Upon hiring, CTMC had several objectives for the new Controller to accomplish including:

    • Developing, coordinating and managing an integrated system of financial support services, including accounting and management of financial reporting
    • Keeping books and records of all company transactions and assets
    • Analyzing and assisting top management by providing financial management information

    Due to the remote area of CTMC, a talented Controller who was within driving distance of the Owosso location was needed. Previous candidates recruited by CTMC lived far from the company and the daily commute was not practical.


    By specializing exclusively in finance and accounting staffing, Kelly Finance & Accounting had access to passive and active finance professionals interested in control management.

    Using targeted recruiting, screening and hiring processes, Kelly Finance & Accounting filled the direct hire position within three weeks of receiving the CTMC order from the website. Kelly® even beat a local competitor who was also assigned to find candidates.

    Working for CTMC as a Controller, the new employee was responsible for:

    • Managing and improving all financial support services, including accounting and management of financial reporting
    • Overseeing cash management assets and transactions
    • Preparing operating data and special reports including financial statements
    • Reporting HR information to management
    • Supervising the accounts payable and accounts receivable departments
    • Providing strategic leadership, diplomacy and timely decision-making

    As a result of screening potential candidates and only sending those that had the essential experience, Kelly Finance & Accounting quickly found the right direct hire employee.


    With the new Controller assuming the finance and accounting control responsibilities, CTMC was able to significantly increase its quality of business and overall productivity. The president was also able to solely focus on his core business-machine tool manufacturing.

    The Kelly Finance & Accounting Controller had the crucial talent, accounting tenure and industry experience to help the company regain successful financial practices. Equally important, the Controller had the right soft skills-like personality-that fit into CTMC’s culture and environment. A positive attitude allowed a connection with the existing staff and helped to establish productive work interactions.

    Finding the perfect staffing match with Kelly Finance & Accounting allowed CTMC to continue on its path to success. As a growing machine tool manufacturer, CTMC has decided to retain Kelly Finance & Accounting for future finance and accounting staff.

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