Kelly finds 34 accountants in 2 weeks

    January 12, 2021

    Kelly Professional & Industrial finds 34 accountants in two weeks for a major health insurance company.


    A nationwide leader in health insurance required more than 30 experienced finance professionals who excelled in account relations for a membership system conversion assignment. While searching for the most qualified employees, the company experienced soaring inventory problems and quality and productivity loss. This negative impact forced the company to transition the membership billing function from the Texas office to the Illinois branch where a limited number of full-time positions were available.

    The company had three main objectives for the additional staff to accomplish:

    • Reduce inventory by 58%
    • Increase quality processes to 100%
    • Increase the department’s overall productivity

    Due to the restricted number of available full-time positions, the staff needed to be comprised of 50% full-time employees and 50% temporary employees.


    Based on positive past experiences, Kelly® was selected to recruit a pool of qualified candidates. More specifically, by specializing exclusively in finance and accounting staffing, Kelly had access to passive and active finance professionals interested in account analysis.

    Using targeted recruiting, screening and hiring processes, Kelly filled all the positions within two weeks. Thirty-four Kelly Finance & Accounting employees were hired, as well as one Kelly Services employee.

    Working on the company’s finance team as membership account analysts, the employees were responsible for:

    • Account reconciliation utilizing the membership system
    • Daily interaction with accounts via email, phone and letters
    • Account research and issue resolution

    As a result of screening potential candidates and only sending those that had reconciliation experience, Kelly Finance & Accounting quickly found the right employees to assist in the six-month assignment.


    By utilizing a staff made up of new Kelly employees working with the existing team, the company was able to significantly increase quality and productivity while drastically reducing inventory.

    The Kelly employees brought a positive attitude that allowed them to connect with the existing staff and establish productive work interactions. They also demonstrated their dedication by utilizing knowledge from the company’s training to successfully accomplish goals.

    Kelly employees embarked on several duties including:

    • Learning an extremely complex membership system
    • Providing customers with top-quality service that met the company’s high standards
    • Connecting with the finance team and truly becoming a part of the group

    Finding the perfect staffing match with Kelly allowed the health insurance company to continue its success of the assignment by extending it an additional six months.

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