Kelly Helps Fortune 10 Manufacturer

    October 1, 2020

    First 1...then 2...then 10. This top-ranked manufacturer continues to grow its partnership with Kelly to protect office and industrial teams in uncertain times.

    Results at a glance


    While under quarantine, safely deliver 320 qualified employees to fill a new role –temperature screeners – across 10 distributed office and factory environments.


    Using our remote recruiting capabilities and flexible work model, Kelly has met quality, safety and timeline hurdles to quickly deliver the need.


    Kelly is providing all temperature screening needs across 10 office and industrial facilities. Because of Kelly’s effectiveness, the client continues to increase our scope.

    When COVID hit in 2020, this Fortune 10 manufacturer found other staffing providers unable to meet their demand for new roles such as temperature screeners. No one knew to expect these roles would be needed. With the world in COVID-19 quarantine, this customer found others unable to adapt.

    Kelly Professional & Industrial, on the other hand, was able to leverage the flexible work approach we had begun adopting in 2019. We had launched at that time a new flexible work model that partnered digital teams with local branches to focus resources where clients needed them most. We invested in skills, technology, and change management to work remotely and digitally scale our expertise in local markets and role specialties. While maintaining talent quality and traditional branches, we added differentiators like online recruitment, screening, and placement capabilities.

    Kelly’s engagement here began with temperature screeners for the customer’s corporate headquarters, providing 22 temperature screeners and three team leaders. Our online recruitment technology and processes have been critical to successful execution, as identifying and qualifying talent for a new role category has required focused effort. Because of our effective delivery, the customer quickly scaled their ask to a nearby manufacturing facility. Kelly also quickly covered the COVID roles needed there as well.

    This delivery across their corporate headquarters and a manufacturing environment led to an ask across 10 facilities in total, representing 320 roles nationwide. Because we have remote, targetable resources that deliver our expertise online, Kelly has quickly met all asks presented by the client.

    We’re making the same difference for hundreds of customers. Kelly has engaged more than 5,000 COVID-related roles for customers since demand began in late March. Onrechas recognized Kelly for ‘Best Use of Online Recruitment’ in 2020.

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