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Kelly project resourcing

The world of work is rapidly evolving. To keep up, you need to connect with talent quickly. Our innovative solution, project resourcing, enhances your existing talent acquisition team by solving the resource constraints created by high-volume or accelerated hiring.

Let Kelly® solve your recruiting and hiring challenges quickly and efficiently through our flexible and cost-effective solution.

Project resourcing provides:

Dedicated local and centralized resources to meet your talent acquisition goals

Proven, best-in-class recruiting and hiring processes from a leader in workforce solutions

Supply and demand insight into local markets

Accelerated project launch and completion

Flexibility to turn solution on and off to meet your hiring demands

Our extensive experience and proven processes mean that we can assess market conditions, provide unique insight and analytics, identify quality job candidates, and reach out to individuals who may not be active in the job market. Our focus is on speed—without sacrificing candidate quality or assessments.

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See how we helped a major manufacturer grow their workforce by more than 500 employees:

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Click here to read about how we helped a major appliance manufacturer hire 500 new full-time workers for expanded capacity at a critical production facility.

Our project resourcing teams are ready to meet and provide you with a scalable, competitive solution for your recruiting and hiring needs.

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