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Share your Equity@Work story

Far too many people today–particularly underserved and vulnerable populations – are facing unjust barriers that make it hard (or even impossible) to attain enriching work and build a brighter future.

As part of our commitment to affect change, Kelly is looking for the stories of people who have encountered these barriers, whether they’ve been able to overcome them or not.

By putting real names and faces to the problem, we can mobilize more people to join us in the solution. By sharing your story, you can give voice to those who have been left behind and help employers see the value of changing outdated employment practices. Together we can turn an unfairly rigged employment system into one that is equitable for all.

If you or someone you know is willing to share your story, Kelly is ready to listen.

The basics

Tell us a little about you.


What’s your barrier story?

At this time, we’re looking for people who have encountered or overcome a barrier to getting a job or advancing at a job due to:

  • Lack of a 4-year college degree
  • Criminal history
  • Outdated legal protections for minority and diverse groups

Please give us the highlights or a summary of your story in the box below.


Your video/photo

If there’s a relevant photo or video, you may upload it here. You’re also welcome to tell your story in video format and send it to us this way instead of typing it out.

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