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Access skilled individuals and foster an inclusive workforce at the same time with Kelly Discover, a comprehensive solution that helps companies engage individuals across multiple talent communities, including neurodiverse and opportunity talent.
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Identical talent leads to more of the same. A recent study shows that companies in the top quartile for inclusion are more likely to have better financial performance than those in the bottom quartile. Additionally, encouraging different perspectives increases workforce innovation and creativity while reducing turnover.

Achieving this level of progress requires a significant investment of time and resources, both of which are increasingly difficult to come by in our new normal. That’s why we offer Kelly Discover–a new solution providing businesses with a seamless environment where a wide range of talent can be found, supported, and encouraged to thrive.

By combining Kelly’s decades of talent expertise with an advanced engagement platform including certified coaching, Kelly Discover equips businesses with the tools and resources needed to ensure success for overlooked talent communities, ranging from the neurodiverse to opportunity talent (young candidates whose experiences aren’t seen as conventional) and beyond.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t wait. Boost your business potential today with Kelly Discover.

Kelly's research found Americans overwhelmingly support opening doors to overlooked talent. Click here to learn more.

Why Kelly
7 Decades of Kelly experience focusing on talent.
90% Average retention rate of talent on the autism spectrum and opportunity talent when support programs are put in place.
21% Stronger financial performance for companies in the top quartile for diversity and inclusion.

FAQs about Kelly Discover

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  • How do you define neurodiverse talent?

  • How do you define opportunity talent?

  • Does Kelly Discover offer access to additional talent?

  • What will Kelly Discover do to assist my HR team?


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