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Kelly clerks make business work

From the back office to the front desk, from intake to invoicing, from procurement to postage. They have a critical impact—for better or worse—on just about every area of your business. Without the right clerks, details get missed and process grinds to a halt. Customers, employees, and your brand all suffer.

The Right Clerks Help Your Business Excel.

They not only have the skills needed to get tasks done, they create business efficiencies. They not only maintain customer experience, they improve it. They’re not just part of your team, they’re a positive influence on employee morale.

Kelly has the Expertise you Need to Engage Clerks who Make a Difference.

As a pioneer in the field of staffing and independent work, Kelly has been an expert in clerk talent for more than 70 years. Our talent pool of reliable, experienced, professional clerks serve hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. From mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500® corporations, we help our customers connect with talented clerks who hit the ground running, and then keep things running smoothly.

Ready for what’s next in your search for talented clerks?

The proof is in the placements

The Kelly clerk talent pool includes more than 17,400 workers.

Kelly places a clerk every 7 minutes.

On any given day, 37,000 people work on a Kelly clerk assignment.

Kelly clerks work an average of 128,000 hours per week.

Kelly clerks are ready to work.
Right now, right where you need them.

Our specialties include

Office clerks

General Administration


Data Entry


Financial clerks





New Accounts

Manufacturing clerks




Production & Planning