Transforming efficiency to efficacy

We see talent, solutions, and the future differently
Our strategic solutioning breaks boundaries and hacks a new MSP design—one that delivers actionable insights on demand management across your global workforce. It will also enable strategic workforce planning that integrates your use of CWs across flexible delivery channels, and raise the bar from efficient to effective by consistently leveraging the full spectrum of high-quality talent in support of Facebook’s expansion.

We’re builders at heart, co-creating the future

Our overall approach is rooted in these basic tenets:

FB_Solutions_line_6x150.png We’ll use our insider knowledge to design a talent-centered program that helps establish Facebook as the destination for top CW talent around the world.


FB_Solutions_line_6x150.png We’ll provide a service and technology infrastructure that’s designed to hack the talent equation and enable program adoption at all levels and across all categories.


FB_Solutions_line_6x150.png We’ll provide actionable and predictive analytics that will transcend the program to help drive program transformation and enhance Facebook’s total talent strategy.


Our change management philosophy leverages community and communication

KellyOCG has decades of experience guiding numerous global clients through transitions to increasingly sophisticated talent management programs, minimizing disruption while maximizing adoption.

• Identify change sponsors
• Joint oversight
• Best practices for compliance
• Collaboratively design a future-state
• Technology transition strategy
• Talent COE model
• TSCA portal for optimization
• Seamless global VMS transition

KellyOCG Partnership

Q: What makes KellyOCG stand out?

A: “Ability to benchmark and think strategically, strong governance mindset, eager to partner on new innovation ideas.”

A Fortune 100 Company


must become
efficient before they
can become effective.

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Dedicated Center of Excellence

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Program Management

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Talent Operations & Engagement

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Change Management

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Data & Analytics

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IT Infrastructure & Technology Optimization

Guided work: a single point of entry
At the heart of our CWMS technology stack is a seamless, centralized entry point for all of Facebook’s talent needs. Via our Talent Advisors, the solution couples critical thinking with our operational expertise across multiple labor categories to identify the right talent approach for your specific business needs.

Proprietary analytics that drive meaningful action
We believe one of the most valuable outputs of the CWMS program will be the data and associated insights that help fuel Facebook’s winning talent strategy. Our proprietary Talent Supply Chain Analytics (TSCA) Portal is a key driver of those insights.

When used in combination, our TSCA Portal and Guided Work solution deliver a powerful one-two punch that’s unique in the industry. We use the real-time performance data captured within these systems to help assignment managers achieve their desired outcomes and comply with Facebook’s preferred sourcing strategies.

“KellyOCG continues to be a Leader due to its strong capabilities encompassing both the people and technology aspects of contingent workforce management. Its best-in-class talent supply chain analytics portal combined with its AI-enabled demand management solution empowers its domain experts to provide value-added services to its clients.”

- Everest Group