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Endlessly trying to source and hire the elusive tech talent you need? Kelly® is changing the game through market visibility, and through honest, authentic relationships with talent and the companies that hire them. To that end, here are the trends that are expected to impact Raleigh-Durham tech talent management in 2017.

FIRST, SKYROCKETING DEMAND. The need for tech talent in Raleigh-Durham is exceptional—it’s outpacing the national average, and expected to continue. The local hiring of app development talent continues to outpace IT infrastructure workers—and should continue through 2017. 


Five reasons why:


 DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES. This year, expect an ongoing need for local Raleigh-Durham tech talent to design and develop new technologies, and to fill customer support positions in order to keep up with the rapid pace of new technology adoption.     

 Pencil-Devices   NEW DEVICES AND SYSTEMS. The growing need to develop software and hardware with capabilities for advanced connectivity, as well as to manage these integrated systems, will exacerbate an already existing lack of tech talent with the right skills and experience in the Triangle.
 Phone-Increase-Apps   A SHARP INCREASE IN APPS. Increased connectivity will result in an increased demand for apps. Public and private organizations alike will need app developers and designers to streamline how they offer services to their customers.
 lock-security   SECURITY HAS TO KEEP UP. Tech professionals who specialize in security will become increasingly sought after. Already, those with the top in-demand skills and certifications in the Triangle command significantly higher salaries. Entry-level tech talent in Raleigh-Durham who possess secret clearance certifications earn nearly 29 percent more.
 cap gap shift   THE IT TALENT GAP SHIFT. While increased automation reduces the number of low-level jobs, it creates a demand for mid-level talent to oversee processes. Tech workers will need training to fill these functions, since the technology is likely to be new.

As a result:

 talent agility   TALENT AGILITY IS A MUST. IT groups today must be able to work together on multiple projects and then disband without risk. That’s why forward-thinking companies task small teams of expert talent with simultaneously developing new products. Employers need agile tech talent who can quickly follow the lead on new developments and use innovative technologies to create even more products.
 gig economy   
 A gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. Raleigh-Durham employers that want access to top IT talent need to embrace the gig economy, and consider work arrangements that may include contract and remote employees.
 workforce partners   
 Raleigh-Durham organizations are recognizing the value of partnering with a trusted recruitment firm that understands the needs of the market and has insight into how top tech talent wants to work.

Kelly has honest and authentic relationships with tech talent in the area, and we can connect you.

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