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JR Simplot & Kelly Services

JR Simplot and Kelly Services have entered into a Staffing solution agreement where Kelly is a preferred vendor that provides recruiting and placement services for your contingent workforce needs. As a staffing partner to JRS we look forward to working with you and to help ensure that Kelly supports JRS in meeting their staffing/business goals.  This website is a source of information and documentation that explains the process to request services, fulfill orders and manage contingent workers employed by Kelly Services. 

Temporary Staffing Order Placement Process

Click here for the Order Placement Process. 
Job Order Form 

Existing relationships 

  • You can continue to request your staffing needs using the existing order process in place or use the placement process. 

New relationship 

  • Contact the national team (Mary Kay Soulliere or Valerie Fulton-Robinson) who will identify the appropriate Kelly resource and facilitate introductions.  A brief needs analysis will be conducted in collaboration with JRS to capture/review all critical processes to ensure the appropriate staffing/recruiting model is applied. 

Your local Kelly team 

Your National Team

Mary Kay Soulliere, soullm2@kellyservices.com

  • Office number-248-564-3736 
  • Mobile-586-703-8892

Valerie Fulton-Robinson, fultovl@kellyservices.com

  • Office number-248-564-3733
  • Mobile-248-535-7612

Click here for a comprehensive list of the National Account team supporting JR Simplot.

Approving Time Sheets and Expense Reports

Kelly Web Time (powered by PeopleNet) will send you an Email, each week your contractor submits their time and each time they submit an expense report. You can also add an alternate approver.

The Simplot Job Order form is where the JRS manager indicates who is responsible for approving time.

The designated JRS time card approver will receive approval emails on Monday at 7:30 am, 3:00 pm & Tuesday at 9am, EST.

No log on is required.  The approver clicks the link in the email to access the approval application.

Customer can use the Dispute feature to edit hours for a specific entry (e.g., if the employee entered time incorrectly).  Any disputes will be reviewed and researched and resolved by the local branch.

Click here to see PDF instructions for approving time and adding an alternate approver in Kelly Web Time (KWT).

Pre-Hire Activities (Kelly administers all pre-hire activities)

Candidate Registration Hiring Paperwork and Disclosures.  
Interview Process Determine qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge, interest, availability, employment history, and pay requirements.  
Skill Evaluations Administered when applicable to verify abilities  
Background Screening Criminal County– Felonies and Misdemeanors (High/Low Court) - 7 Years  
Drug Testing  10 panel lab confirmation  
Customer Site-Specific Orientation Submit employee information to Simplot. Provide employee with first day arrival instructions, work schedule, supervisor, pay rate, assignment length, dress code and attendance expectations.  
Kelly-Specific Orientation Employee handbook. Timekeeping requirements. Performance expectations.  


Parking process-Corporate location only

The below parking process is shared with all employees working at the JRS Corporate campus prior to beginning their assignment. If a Kelly employee has questions regarding the parking process please refer them to their local Kelly representative who can answer any questions and or assist the employee through the process.

a. Attempt to park free, however if you must pay, you will be reimbursed directly by Kelly Services;
b. Budget is $6 per day/$120 per month;
c. Employee Receipts can be submitted weekly or no later than 30 days after the parking expense;
d. Receipts and expense reports will be completed and submitted directed to our Kelly branch office for facilitation of reimbursement;
e. Any questions or concerns regarding this process (by employee) should be directed to your Kelly Branch Office and not your Simplot manager. 


Required Forms

Kelly Services will administer and retain signed copies of the below documents.  

Click here for the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Click here for the Authorization for release of Personal Information (AUP)  

Performance Review Process 

By carefully monitoring our employees’ progress and success in your workplace, we can gather information that helps us continue to improve our service to JR Simplot. Kelly will identify quality and service measures that are important to your management and end users, to help guide the customization of our temporary employee performance review process for JR Simplot.

Activities completed to monitor employee performance on-site include:

  • Arrival Calls – Made on the first day of each new assignment to confirm that our employee has arrived safely, on-time, and meets your initial expectations
  • Quality-Control Calls – Placed periodically during the assignment to ensure that our employee is performing to your expectations—during first week and at agreed times thereafter; frequency & method (phone call or email) will be identified during the first QC call. Confirmation email to follow. 
    • Based on QC results, Kelly will share feedback received with the employee and apply when necessary those actions to ensure the assignment expectations are understood. 
  • Exit Interview – Kelly will attempt to conduct an exit interview with all employees.  


Incident & Injury Reporting Information

It is the policy of Kelly Services, Inc. to promote workplace health and safety. When an employee suffers from a work-related injury or illness, our first priority is assisting the employee with obtaining immediate medical treatment. 

(Please notify Kelly immediately following any Kelly employee incident or injury.) 

The following template will be updated as information changes or new JRS work locations are added.

Click here to access Medical facilities for your specific site (insert Kelly contacts-Medical facilities) 

You’re Opinion Matters! 

Your feedback is critical in helping us make positive program enhancements. NPS is widely used within the service industry for this purpose. Please help by responding when you receive a survey 

Kelly administers Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) surveys to assess your satisfaction with our services. NPS surveys are developed and maintained by a third-party vendor to help ensure the integrity of our program. 

  • Web-based technology – Offers the convenience and efficiency of an online survey format, with invitations delivered electronically via e-mail.
  • Reliable frequency – Monthly surveys, sent to 100% of eligible customers in a given month, offer a statistically reliable survey volume (customers are eligible to be surveyed not more than twice per year)  

Reducing Co-Employment Risk

When working with a contingent workforce, it is recommended to follow these guidelines to minimize co-employment exposure.

Click here for risks associated with co-employment

Benefits of a Kelly Services Employee 

  • Service Bonus
  • Holiday Pay
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)-Complaint Health Care plan
  • Health & Welfare Plans (opportunity to purchase medical, dental, vision, disability, term life and more through Leslie & Associates)
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Free Skill Enhancement Training
  • Employee Discounts
  • Parking & Transit Benefit
  • Employee Portal/myKelly.com online community for all things Kelly
  • Access2wellness™