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Evoqua Water Technologies & Kelly Services, Inc.

Evoqua Water Technologies and Kelly Services, Inc. established a national partnership in April 2017. Our relationship with Kelly delivers value to Evoqua and as a result in 2019 our agreement was extended through 2023. Kelly serves as Evoqua’s master vendor, recruiting, hiring and assigning contingent labor to support our workforce needs. The Kelly program includes supplier partners who partner directly with Kelly to fulfill Evoqua’s staffing requests.

This website is a source of information that outlines the processes to follow to request contingent labor as well as how to effectively manage contingent workers employed by Kelly Services and their supplier partners.

Kelly & Evoqua = a SHARED PURPOSE

..... Evoqua: Transforming water. Enriching life

...... Kelly: We connect people to work in ways that enrich their lives.


Your Kelly National Service Team

Kelly’s National Service Team is responsible for the overall program service and delivery ensuring that Evoqua’s contingent labor needs are being met to your satisfaction. If at any time, for any reason, you have a concern or question that is not being addressed by your local Kelly representatives, Kerry and Val are available support you.    

Kerry Lidard 
National Account Manager

Valerie Allen
National Service Manager

How do I request a contingent worker?

There are 3 paths to request a contingent worker from Kelly which are outlined below.  

When you contact the Kelly Recruiter, please be prepared to provide a detailed job description, your 7-digit cost center #, expected work days/hours, length of assignment and whether this employee could be considered for future full-time employment with Evoqua.  The Kelly Recruiter will consult with you and provide a pay rate range appropriate for the skills and qualifications requested to support your staffing need. At this time, you will be provided a bill rate range.  Once the candidate has been selected for your role, the actual hourly bill rate will be confirmed by Kelly.  

  1. KELLY RECRUITED CANDIDATES:  For positions that you would like Kelly to recruit for, please call or e-mail your local Kelly contact. If you aren’t sure who your local contact is, please reach out to you national contacts, Val or Kerry, and they will connect you with the appropriate Recruiter for your geographic area and skill set needs. 

  2. ENGINEERING POSITIONS INCLUDING FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIANS: Please contact Kelly’s Engineering specialists at EvoquaRequests@kellyengineering.com. Kelly will respond to your request within 4 business hours.

  3. PRE-IDENTIFIED CANDIDATES – ALL JOB CATEGORIES AND LOCATIONS: If you have identified a candidate to fill your open role, please complete the Evoqua Payroll Service Requisition Form and forward it to Evoqua@kellyocg.com, or contact Kelly at 248-592-7856. One of Kelly’s representatives will contact you to discuss your order within 4 business hours. Kelly will then contact the candidate and initiate the Kelly hiring and onboarding process. The Kelly onboarding process includes Evoqua required background and drug screens. You can expect a 7-10 business day turnaround (from the time you place the request until the employee may begin their assignment at Evoqua)  for the required processes to be completed. Once completed, you and the candidate will be notified that they can begin their assignment  at Evoqua.

What is my bill rate?

Pricing varies by state and by job skill category.  For more information, you can ask your local Kelly representative or Kelly’s national service team.  You may also contact Evoqua’s Human Resources or Talent Management teams.

Can Kelly employees (or employees of Kelly’s supplier partners) drive Evoqua vehicles?

Yes.  Contingent employees hired through Kelly and its suppliers can drive most Evoqua vehicles (for example,  F250 or GM2500 trucks).  However, contingent employees may NOT operate DOT regulated vehicles.   Kelly and its suppliers cannot support roles that require a CDL license.

Kelly and its supplier partners will conduct an MVR check using Evoqua’s standards to ensure the employee is a qualified safe driver.

What should I expect when I place a staffing request with Kelly?

A Kelly representative will contact you within 4 business hours to discuss your staffing need and will review the next steps.

Kelly may determine that a Health & Safety Tour is required. This tour allows Kelly to understand the exact nature of the work to be performed, the job requirements and the safety of the work environment. Kelly will submit candidate resumes for Evoqua’s review, and at Evoqua’s request, Kelly will schedule interviews for the top candidate(s).

How long before I see resumes and candidates?

You can expect resumes within 2-3 days of placing your request, depending on the skills and experience required, sometimes sooner. Kelly will work with you to understand your short and long-term staffing needs so they can maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates. Evoqua’s geographic location and local market conditions impact the ability to source candidates quickly. Kelly works with supplier partners so in the event they cannot fulfill your request, they subcontract to one of their supplier partners. (NOTE: All communication is centralized through Kelly to streamline the process for Evoqua and track program activity.)

What if the employee is not meeting my expectations after they begin their assignment at Evoqua?

Please contact your local Kelly representative to discuss your concerns.  Kelly will coach and/or counsel the employee.  If necessary, Kelly will end the assignment and find a replacement employee.

What method is used for employee timekeeping?

All Kelly employees and supplier partner employees use Kelly Web Time (sometimes referred to as PeopleNet) which is an internet-based timekeeping tool, accessible from any internet-enabled devise (e.g., PC, mobile phone). Time should be submitted by the employee no later than Sunday at midnight. As a hiring manager, you will receive an e-mail on Monday morning to approve the time. Time needs to be approved by midnight on Tuesday. The e-mail will contain a link, so no log-in is required.

Click here to see PDF instructions for approving time as well as the information on how to add an alternate approver in your absence in Kelly Web Time (KWT).

What if there is a problem with the employee getting paid, or with receiving the approval e-mails?

Please contact your local Kelly representative. Alternately, if the employee was pre-identified by Evoqua, please contact Evoqua@kellyocg.com, or Brittney Mills at 248-592-7856.

What do I do if the job requires a FIT test or other type of medical testing before the employee can work?

You should inform the Kelly Recruiter of this requirement when placing your request.   Once the employee is identified, onboarded and screened by Kelly, you can schedule the employee for FIT testing using the same process you use for a full-time Evoqua employee – with one key difference:   Results of the FIT test must be directed to the Kelly Recruiter who will inform Evoqua if the employee has passed the FIT test and/or needs any additional testing.

Who provides required PPE and safety training to contingent employees?

While Kelly provides general safety training and instruction to all employees in its employee handbook and during their onboarding process, Evoqua is responsible for providing site-specific safety training and required PPE.  Please ensure you are providing the same training to all new hires, whether the employee is a full-time or contingent worker.

What if the role performed by the employee requires special training, such as OSHA or HAZWOPER training?

Kelly and their supplier partner employees can and should receive the required training for the role.  Evoqua-required training is counted as work time for the employee.  The employee will log training time on their time card (same as regular work hours) and the time will be paid to the employee and billed to Evoqua.  

Can employees travel on behalf of Evoqua?

Yes. All travel must be approved by an Evoqua Sr. Manager and Kelly Services must be notified as soon as possible.  Kelly’s local representative will coordinate with the employee to ensure the employee is willing and able to travel as requested and they will also ensure Kelly’s required paperwork is completed.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL:  Travel outside of the US, including Canada, requires additional approval.  Kelly’s Global Mobility department will be engaged to ensure the required documentation (passports, visa’s, etc.) is in compliance with travel requirements.  There will be a service charge that will be billed to Evoqua based on the country and duration of travel.

Travel arrangements such as airfare, car rental and hotels will be arranged by Evoqua and it’s travel agent and will be billed directly to Evoqua.  Out of pocket expenses, such as meals and incidentals will be paid by the employee.  The employee will submit an expense report to be approved by their Evoqua manager, and submitted to Kelly for reimbursement to the employee and billed back to Evoqua.

Kelly employees will follow Evoqua’s expenses guidelines for allowable expenses.

What is Kelly’s incident & injury reporting process?

For life-threatening incidents, call 911.

See the table below for additional contact information and next steps for Kelly Employees. Note:  For employees of Fountain Group, see second table below.

It is the policy of Kelly Services to promote workplace health and safety. When an employee suffers from a work-related injury or illness, the priority is assisting the employee with obtaining immediate medical treatment. 

Instruction to Evoqua Hiring  ManagerThe employee must contact their Kelly representative immediately.   If the employee is unable to call, the Evoqua Hiring Manager should contact the local Kelly representative on their behalf.  If the employee was pre-identified, please contact Brittney Mills at 248-592-7856, or evoqua@kellyocg.com



Title/Center Name

Phone Number


Potential and life-threatening emergencies



Call an AMBULANCE immediately

or call Security to call an ambulance
(confirm with client & delete unneeded info)



Insert Security's #


Telephonic Nurse Service

 (If no on-site first aide, or when a need for formal medical treatment is unclear)


24x7 Nurse Triage





If medical attention is clearly needed…

Kelly local team to provide:

Insert occupational clinic name, address - or, "Provide state-required panel to employee"

Insert hours and phone numbers (leave blank if panel state)



After Hours
Medical Treatment

Kelly local team to provide:

Insert local hospital for after-hours medical services
(Ensure they are in-network and have drug screening requirements in place.)


Insert phone number


Contact Kelly Representative

Call until you (or the person helping you) speak(s) with a Kelly Representative. Immediate contact must be made to report a medical emergency illness or injury.


Kelly local team to provide:

Insert Name - Kelly Representative

Insert Name - Backup Kelly Rep

Insert Name - Backup or delete


Insert phone numbers for each contact listed


Transportation to off-site clinic, if needed.

Cab/Car service

(If employee is not able to self-transport or their Emergency Contact is not available)

Kelly Employee should drive themselves, if possible. If not, they may contact their emergency contact to come get them.

Kelly staff may also arrange for an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or other professional transportation.

Note: Certain initial treatment providers offer initial and follow-up transportation, free of charge. Contact your local provider to inquire if this is available in your area.







Title/Center Name

Phone Number


Potential and life-threatening emergencies



Call an AMBULANCE immediately




Occupational Health Treatment Center

Varies by location



If medical attention is clearly needed…

Occupational Health Treatment Center

Varies by location




After Hours
Medical Treatment

Local Urgent Care or Emergency Room


Varies by location


Contact Kelly Representative

Call until you (or the person helping you) speak(s) with a Fountain Group Representative. Immediate contact must be made to report a medical emergency illness or injury.


Chris Sellecchia – Fountain Group Representative

Aleah Lontakos - Backup Fountain Group Rep

Customer Service Team - Backup Fountain Group Rep


CS: 917-257-3917

AL: 813-321-6354

CST: 813-321-1653


Transportation to off-site clinic, if needed.

Cab/Car service

(If employee is not able to self-transport or their Emergency Contact is not available)

Fountain Group Employee should drive themselves, if possible. If not, they may contact their emergency contact to come get them.

Fountain Group Employee may also arrange for an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or other professional transportation.

Note: Certain initial treatment providers offer initial and follow-up transportation, free of charge. Contact your local provider to inquire if this is available in your area.


What is Kelly’s process to recruit and hire a continent worker?

Kelly follows the below steps when hiring an employee.

1.    Candidate Registration

Hiring paperwork and disclosures, including NDA specific to Evoqua

2.    Kelly Interview Process

Determine qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge, interest, availability, employment history, and pay requirements.

3.    Skill Evaluations

Administered when applicable to verify abilities

4.    Background Screening and Drug Testing

Includes Criminal County– Felonies and Misdemeanors (High/Low Court) - 7 Years, academic and employment verification.  Drug testing is 5-panel.  (NOTE:  Background screening is initiated by Kelly once Evoqua has agreed they would like the candidate to work)

5.    Kelly-Specific Orientation

Kelly Employee handbook,  timekeeping requirements and performance expectations.

6.    Customer Site-Specific Orientation

Kelly will provide employee with first day arrival instructions, work schedule, supervisor, pay rate, assignment length, dress code and attendance expectations.


What do I do if I want to hire a contingent employee for a full-time role at Evoqua?

Contingent employees can be hired by Evoqua at any time.  The table below outlines the prorated fee structure that Evoqua has agreed to with Kelly (including Kelly’s supplier partners).  After reaching the minimum number of hours for the skill category, there is no additional fee. Pre-identified employees may be converted by Evoqua at any time at no additional fee

Please notify your Kelly Recruiter if you have plans to convert a contingent employee to full-time.  Kelly can also advise on the number of hours worked on assignment to date by the employee to assist you with workforce planning.

Office/Clerical; Light Industrial; Customer Service

Hours Worked on Assignment

Conversion Fee

 0 - 240


 241 - 360


 361 - 521


 522+ (about 3 months if working 40hours/week)

  No Fee


All Professional / Technical

Hours Worked on Assignment

Conversion Fee

 0 - 260


 261 - 520


 521 - 720


 721 - 1040


1041+ (about 6 months if working 40 hours/week)

  No Fee

How does Kelly manage the performance of contingent workers? 

By carefully monitoring contingent worker progress and success in Evoqua’s workplace, Kelly can gather information that helps improve their overall service to Evoqua.  Kelly’s performance review process includes 3 key activities:

Arrival Calls – Conducted  on the first day of each new assignment to confirm that the contingent worker has arrived safely, on-time and meets Evoqua’s initial expectations.

Quality Control Calls – Kelly will engage with Evoqua Hiring Managers (by phone or e-mail) during the first week of the assignment and then at regular intervals during the assignment to obtain performance feedback.  Performance questions will focus on the employee’s quality and quantity of work, attendance and interpersonal skills.  Evoqua’s feedback will be documented in Kelly’s system and tracked for employee management and reporting purposes.   Kelly will also engage with the employee at regular intervals, to obtain feedback on their assignment at Evoqua.    

Kelly will share positive feedback with both the employee and the hiring manager as recognition is a critical to employee retention.  And, when needed, Kelly will coach and/or counsel the employee when their performance is reported as not meet expectations or in need of improvement.  


Exit Interview – Kelly will attempt to conduct an exit interview with all employees and share feedback obtained, as appropriate, with Evoqua.  


What benefits do Kelly’s contingent workers receive?

Kelly contingent workers receive the following perks and benefits. (NOTE:  supplier partner employee benefits may vary):

  • Service Bonus (1-2% of employees’ annual salary paid out in January to eligible employees)
  • Holiday Pay (6 paid holidays paid to eligible employees)
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)-Complaint Health Care plan offered to qualifying employees
  • Health & welfare plans (opportunity to purchase medical, dental, vision, disability, term life and more through Leslie & Associates)
  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Free skill enhancement training
  • Employee discounts
  • Employee Portal/myKelly.com online community for all things Kelly
  • Access2wellness™

Evoqua’s  Opinion Matters! 

Your feedback is critical in assisting with program enhancements.  

Kelly administers regular surveys to assess your satisfaction with their services. Please contact your local representative or your national Kelly Service Team  to share positive feedback as well as any concerns or questions.

How can I escalate  concerns to Kelly?

Evoqua and Kelly have developed the following issue escalation process to ensure every concern is addressed and resolved:

  1. If a contingent worker role has been open for 3 business days (5 business days for professional/technical roles) and there have been no qualified candidates submitted by Kelly, the Hiring Manager and/or the Human Resources Partner should contact the Kelly Recruiter to gain an understanding of the challenge and obtain a status update.  Questions to ask include:
    • What sourcing methods is Kelly using to fulfill the request?
      • Kelly Recruiter will provide clear details as to what has been done to source candidates.
    • What other sourcing methods will be employed?
      • Proactively sourcing of candidate/employee databases                                          -  Pre-screened or background checked? (NOTE: This is Kelly’s first go-to pool, especially if the employee has previously worked for Evoqua)
      • Contacting local trade schools / posting on their career sites
      • Posting on social media (local Facebook page, Twitter, etc.)
      • Engaging Kelly’s supplier partners
    • Review job description and job postings (e.g., is this temp-to-full-time, does the posting target the appropriate skills and experience, etc.)
    • Review pay rate and current market conditions to understand and adjust to competitive pressures 
  2. If 24 hours later, there are still no candidates submitted, Hiring Manager or Human Resources Partner should escalate to Kelly’s National Service Manager (Valerie Allen) and Evoqua’s Senior Manager, Talent Programs (Mandy Haverdink.)
    • Senior Manager, Talent Programs will work with National Service Manager to determine cause and identify plans to move forward.
    • National Service Manager will escalate internally to Kelly market leaders as appropriate, and provide action plan to Senior Manager, Talent Programs.
    • Within 24 Hours:
      • Senior Manager, Talent Programs will follow up with an email to Human Resources Partner and conduct a courtesy call to the Hiring Manager
  1. In tandem with the above process, Kelly’s National Service Manager proactively reviews all open roles weekly
    • Connects with Kelly Recruiters on hard-to-find skill sets and sites with multiple openings or known challenges.
    • Escalates to Kelly Recruiting Managers, when appropriate.
    • Contacts Evoqua’s Hiring Manager and/or Human Resources Partner to discuss concerns and develop solutions in conjunction with the Kelly recruiting team.


EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE OR TURNOVER (Quality & Quantity of Work / Attendance & Punctuality / Turnover)

If a contingent worker is not meeting performance expectations, or if you are experiencing turnover and you have discussed your concerns with your local Kelly representative and you have not experienced improvement, please contact Val or Kerry.