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Evoqua & Kelly Services

Evoqua and Kelly Services have entered into a Staffing solution agreement where Kelly is a master vendor, providing recruiting and placement services for your contingent workforce needs. The Kelly program includes several supplier partners who will work with Kelly to fulfill Evoqua’s staffing/business goals. This website is a source of information and documentation that explains the process to request services, fulfill orders and manage contingent workers employed by Kelly Services and its supplier partners. We look forward to working with you!

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Kelly Services - Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm  

How do I request a new employee?

RECRUITED CANDIDATE:  For positions that you would like Kelly to recruit for, please click on the link below and complete your request. The request will automatically route to the nearest Kelly branch office, and a Kelly representative will reach out to you to discuss your order. If you would like to discuss your request with a Kelly representative before placing your order in the eOrder tool, we welcome you to contact your local Kelly branch anytime.  Please complete the request form and forward to your local Kelly branch.

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PRE-IDENTIFIED CANDIDATES: If you have already identified the candidate, please complete the request form and forward to Evoqua@kellyocg.com, or contact Kelly at 866-729-9534Phone Icon, Option 3. One of our representatives will contact you to discuss your order within 4 business hours. Kelly will then contact the candidate and initiate the Kelly hiring and onboarding process. The Kelly onboarding process includes Evoqua-required background and drug screens. You can expect a 7-10 business day turnaround (from the time you place the request until the employee may begin working) for all of processes to be completed. Once completed, you and the candidate will be notified that they can begin work at Evoqua.

What should I expect when I have placed a request with Kelly?

A Kelly representative will contact you within 4 business hours to discuss your request and plan for next steps. Kelly may determine that a Health & Safety Tour is required if they have not serviced your location before. This tour allows Kelly to understand the exact nature of the work to be performed, the job requirements and work environment. 

Kelly will submit resumes for Evoqua’s review, and at Evoqua’s request, Kelly will set up interviews for the top candidate(s). 

How long before I see resumes and candidates?

Usually 2-3 days, depending on the skills and experience required, sometimes sooner. Kelly will work with you to understand your long-range staffing needs so that we can maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates for more common positions. Evoqua’s geographic location and local market conditions impact our ability to source candidates quickly. Kelly works with Supplier Partners so in the event they cannot fulfill your request, they will subcontract to one of our supplier partners. (NOTE: All communication will continue to be with Kelly to keep the process streamlined for Evoqua.)

What if the employee is not meeting my expectations after they begin work?

Please contact your local Kelly representative to discuss your concerns.  Kelly will coach or counsel the employee.  If necessary, Kelly will end the assignment and find a replacement employee.

What method is used for employee timekeeping?

All Kelly employees and supplier partner employees will use Kelly Web Time (sometimes referred to as PeopleNet) which is an internet based tool, accessible form any internet-enabled devise (e.g., PC, mobile phone). Time should be submitted by the employee no later than Sunday at midnight. As a hiring manager, you will receive an e-mail on Monday morning to approve the time. The e-mail will contain a link, so no log-in is required.

Click here to see PDF instructions for approving time and adding an alternate approver in Kelly Web Time (KWT).

What if there is a problem with the employee getting paid, or with receiving the approval e-mails?

Please contact your local Kelly representative. Alternately, if the employee was pre-identified by Evoqua or if transitioned from the Randstad program, please contact Evoqua@kellyocg.com, or Madeena Porath at 866-729-9534Phone Icon, Option 3

Pre-Hire Activities (Kelly administers all pre-hire activities)

Candidate Registration

Hiring Paperwork and Disclosures.


Interview Process

Determine qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge, interest, availability, employment history, and pay requirements.


Skill Evaluations

Administered when applicable to verify abilities


Background Screening

Includes Criminal County– Felonies and Misdemeanors (High/Low Court) - 7 Years, academic and employment verification


Drug Testing (including post-accident)

 5 panel


Customer Site-Specific Orientation

Submit employee information to Evoqua. Provide employee with first day arrival instructions, work schedule, supervisor, pay rate, assignment length, dress code and attendance expectations.


Kelly-Specific Orientation

Employee handbook. Timekeeping requirements. Performance expectations.



Performance Review Process 

By carefully monitoring our employees’ progress and success in your workplace, we can gather information that helps us continue to improve our service to Evoqua. Kelly will identify quality and service measures that are important to your management and end users, to help guide the customization of our temporary employee performance review process for Evoqua.

Activities completed to monitor employee performance on-site include:

Arrival Calls – Made on the first day of each new assignment to confirm that our employee has arrived safely, on-time, and meets your initial expectations
Quality-Control Calls – Placed periodically during the assignment to ensure that our employee is performing to your expectations—during first week and at agreed times thereafter; frequency & method (phone call or email) will be identified during the first QC call. Confirmation email to follow. Based on QC results, Kelly will share feedback received with the employee and apply when necessary those actions to ensure the assignment expectations are understood. 

Exit Interview – Kelly will attempt to conduct an exit interview with all employees.  

Incident & Injury Reporting Information

For life-threatening incidents, call 911.

It is the policy of Kelly Services, Inc. to promote workplace health and safety. When an employee suffers from a work-related injury or illness, our first priority is assisting the employee with obtaining immediate medical treatment. 

Please notify your local Kelly representative immediately following any Kelly employee incident or injury.

If the employee was pre-identified or transitioned from the Randstad program, please contact 866-729-9534Phone Icon, option 2.

Your Opinion Matters! 

Your feedback is critical in helping us make positive program enhancements.  

Kelly administers regular surveys to assess your satisfaction with our services. Please also contact your local representative, or national Kelly team member with any concerns or questions, at any time.

Benefits of a Kelly Services Employee include the following:

  • Service Bonus (1-2% of employees’ annual salary paid out in January to eligible employees)
  • Holiday Pay (6 paid holidays paid to eligible employees)
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)-Complaint Health Care plan
  • Health & Welfare Plans (opportunity to purchase medical, dental, vision, disability, term life and more through Leslie & Associates)
  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Free Skill Enhancement Training
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employee Portal/myKelly.com online community for all things Kelly
  • Access2wellness™