So, what exactly is temporary work—and is it for me?

Good question. The way people work is changing, and the modern workforce has different demands now. Enter temporary, or independent, work. It’s probably different (and better) than what you’re imagining. Sure, it might feel a little less familiar than “traditional” work, but it also opens up a world of possibilities and freedom to pursue what’s next in your career. 

Want to work on a project you’re passionate about for a year, then move across the country? Sure, why not? Want to find the perfect job that still allows you to pick your kids up from school? Yep, we can do that, too. We’ll be there to connect you with the career options that work best for you—helping you work at your own pace, in your own way.

Job searching is hard, and the same old work routine doesn’t work for everyone. We believe in advocating for those who want to reach their fullest potential through independent work. Let us help you:

Get access to top companies.

Get noticed by the right people.

Get your foot in the door.

Test-drive a career.

Build a bridge to a long-term position.

Build your skills, your résumé, and your network.

Get access to free training.

Find your perfect work-life balance.

Looking for something more long-term? Let’s talk about temporary-to-hire jobs.

We have exclusive connections to companies that are looking to make long-term hires. We’ll hire you to work with a company for an agreed-upon trial period, you’ll evaluate if the job works for you, and, if all goes well, you’ll have the opportunity to get hired officially by the company. We get your foot in the door, and you take it from there! 

Interested in a direct-hire opportunity?

When companies have open positions, they turn to us to find the perfect direct-hire fit. Here’s how it works: we advocate for you and help you through the recruiting and hiring process, and then you’re hired directly by the company (meaning you’re on their payroll and eligible for their benefits). “Direct hire” maybe, but we think “best of both worlds” sums it up better.