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A motivated administrative coordinator in the medical field

Marisela Torres is driven to help people. So it’s not surprising that this administrative coordinator thrived throughout her two years of Kelly® assignments in the medical field before landing her current position at a dialysis clinic in southern San Francisco.


Marisela earned her medical assistant certification in 2008. In 2012, she met Kelly recruiters Leah and Lauren who soon found her a role as a medical assistant. Marisela’s initial roles were all short-term assignments, which she enjoyed since they gave her many opportunities to hone her technical and soft skills. Whenever one short-term assignment would come to an end, Lauren would unfailingly suggest a new role that challenged Marisela and kept her career moving forward. Marisela describes Lauren as very reliable and responsive, and always proactive when it came to finding new, exciting positions.

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Over time, Marisela’s varied roles taught her how to handle a wide range of challenges in a number of different settings. From the start, she gave every assignment her full attention—even going so far as to train replacement staff when it was time for her to move on. And all her hard work paid off: before long, she had built a reputation as a capable, hardworking medical assistant.

Healthcare Recruiter

In addition to working with her recruiters, Marisela also put a lot of energy into networking. Because of the many positive relationships she formed while working temporary positions, she knew she had a knack for it. And it was networking that allowed her to find her role as an administrative assistant at Satellite Healthcare.

The switch from medical assistant to administrative assistant came naturally to Marisela, who enjoys challenging herself to learn new skills. After nine months in the role, she was promoted to her current position as an administrative coordinator. She says, “I am really excited to run the administrative part of my own clinic, and to work closely with and train our new manager.”

“For me, it’s all about helping the patients, and I’m still doing that every day. So no matter what happens at work, when a patient smiles at the end of the day, it’s always worth it.

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