Why you should stop worrying about robots taking your job

Why you should stop worrying about robots taking your job

In recent years, there’s been increased coverage about robots being able to do things that until now were done by humans. Automation can significantly speed up manual processes, and AI is advancing to the point where it can draw conclusions and make decisions based on data. Knowing this, it’s understandable if you’re asking, “Should I be worried about a robot taking my job?”

Will robots take our jobs?

Of course, this question does arise, especially if you’ve seen robots at your local grocery store or used an AI-enhanced software program in your job. But the reality according to McKinsey Global Institute is that the number of jobs that can currently be fully automated with existing technology is less than five percent. In other words, it’s going to be years before you truly have to be concerned about being replaced by a robot.

New jobs will be created

What’s more likely to happen with the development of new technologies is that new jobs will appear. Just think about it: Two decades ago, there weren’t any mobile app developers or social media managers. Yet today, those are viable—and sought-after—jobs. As technology becomes more refined and can do more, there will be the need for people to perform tasks to manage, upgrade, and use new solutions.

Working alongside robots

Make no mistake: Robots, automation, and AI will most definitely play a bigger role in the workplace. But it’s more likely that you’ll be working alongside them and utilizing their capabilities to perform your job. This requires you to remain professionally relevant by having the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage technology within your job. To do so, you need to remain informed and grow your skills, as Inc. advises. So take advantage of employer-offered training, stay up to date on industry developments, and consider completing courses on your own time to enhance your capabilities.

Be motivated

It should be clear that while robots will change the face of work, they’re unlikely to take your job in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, now isn’t the time to sit back and take it easy. You should to continue to expand your skill set so that you can use robots, automation, and AI to be more effective in your job.




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