Why Creating A Home Office Could Be The Smartest Career Move You Make This Summer

Why Creating A Home Office Could Be The Smartest Career Move You Make This Summer

Would you welcome the chance to swap your stressful 45-minute commute for more quality time with your kids? Would you like more flexibility to schedule your work around your personal responsibilities? Does the idea of never having to wear business casual again sound like a dream come true?

If any of these scenarios sound appealing to you, then you’ll be interested to note that an increasing number of companies allow—or even require—employees to work remotely some or all of the time. Gallup’s recent “State of the American Workforce Report” revealed that in 2016, 43 percent of U.S. workers telecommuted some or all of the time. And while employees enjoy the improved work-life balance remote work gives them, employers benefit, too, because remote workers are more productive, motivated, and engaged. Moreover, some companies are completely virtual, because it saves the overhead of having to maintain a physical location.

So whether you want to take advantage of your employer’s new work-from-home program or are considering working for a company that’s entirely virtual, it’s advisable to be prepared for the growing trend of remote work. And the best way to do this is to create a quiet, organized workspace at home. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Find a quiet space to set up your home office. If possible, make sure it’s away from the family room so you can minimize distractions.
  • Select your office furniture. At first, the notion of working on the couch might seem appealing. However, in the long run, it can cause neck and back pain. You can avoid that by investing in a desk and adjustable chair that you can use for extended periods of time.
  • Ensure you have high-speed Internet. Most employers use enterprise software to connect with their remote employees and assign work to them. So if you’ve been piggybacking on your neighbor’s WiFi, it’s time to get your own. Check with your provider to choose the right speed and capacity.
  • Make the space your own. What’s the point of working from home if you can’t enjoy your surroundings? Personalize your home office by adding some artwork or photos, plants, and other decorations that transform it into a space where you can enjoy doing your best work.

Note that the effort you put into setting up a home office goes far beyond interior decorating. Because out of all the rooms in your home, only your home office space can help your career thrive.