The Career Guide to Green Jobs

The Career Guide to Green Jobs

As the world adopts more green policies and invests more in sustainability, anywhere between 15 and 60 million green jobs will be added in the coming years. The renewable energy sector alone employs 5 million people globally. Green jobs are found in nearly every industry, from renewable energy and water conservation to manufacturing and business management. Environmental science is quickly becoming a popular field due to the many opportunities in jobs related to human and environmental health matters. Other examples of popular green sectors include careers in IT, especially for green hard- and software; sustainable urban planning; and climate policy analysis.

The role of science and technology

Not every green job requires a degree. However, a degree in science or engineering can provide a starting point to a green career destination. Read More: Science occupations set to grow 13%. Jobs will also boom for engineers in the coming years and companies will be lining up to hire new engineers with specialized skill sets. 

Why go green in your career choice?

A green job could be your way of earning a good living while simultaneously having a long-term positive impact on the planet. For those looking for socially responsible and meaningful work, green jobs are often a good match.

Find out what the top green sectors are and learn more about popular green industries and occupation. Download and read The Career Guide to Green Jobs.
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