Jobs that go the distance: Top choices for remote workers

Jobs that go the distance: Top choices for remote workers

More and more people are working from home part or all of the time. Some of these people are free agents who make their living working on assignments for a variety of employers, often juggling multiple gigs simultaneously. Others are virtual employees who are employed by a company but instead of going to an office, work from their homes.

Though many of us think primarily of web developers, graphic designers, and call center agents when we think of telecommuting, there’s actually a wide range of diverse remote jobs available. What all of this means is that it’s increasingly feasible to choose a career that allows you to work entirely remotely. Here are seven of our top choices for virtual careers.

  1. Sports coach or psychologist: You don’t have to be in the room to help clients lose weight and/or improve their fitness levels. According to Brie Weiler Reynolds in her career attraction article “10 Great Remote Jobs You Might Not Know About,” virtual sports coaches or psychologists provide support, insights, and training to their clients over the Internet. Using online platforms and virtual meeting tools like Skype and FaceTime, they help them monitor their progress, as well as devise strategies for overcoming obstacles and meeting their health and fitness goals.
  2. Customer support specialist: As a reaction to the predominantly negative consequences of offshoring their customer support divisions to other companies overseas in order to keep costs low, many companies are now onshoring their contact centers in a bid to regain the loyalty of their customers. That means there’s a need for customer support specialists with solid language and technical skills. In order to minimize overhead, many companies want these specialists to work from home after an initial training period.
  3. Web designer: As the use of the Internet continues to grow, the need for well-designed, user-friendly websites continues. Since web designers do all of their work on their computers and in virtual spaces, it’s perfectly feasible to work remotely. A word of warning: web development advances quickly, so if this the job you choose, make sure to stay abreast of the latest developments in your field.
  4. App developer: Similarly, app development is another occupation that’s well-suited to remote work. In addition to freelance opportunities, there are also many staffing agencies that post temporary remote positions for app developers.
  5. Translator: Translation is a skill that’s often sought after by companies who need reports or other assets translated into multiple languages. At the same time, there’s also a large market for individuals who need official documents translated into another language. Alison Doyle points out in her about careers article “Top 10 Jobs to Work Remotely” that this profession offers both opportunities for freelancers, as well as for virtual employees of translation companies.
  6. Social media marketing specialist: Companies are more and more invested in using social media as an avenue to connect with their target markets. Social media marketing specialists create social media strategies and coordinate campaigns that often run for multiple months. This is another profession that requires you to remain on top of trends and developments in the online world in order to perform well.
  7. Registered Nurse case manager: There’s a rising need for RN case managers who can coordinate and monitor care for multiple patients, usually for insurance companies. RNs are required to function at a high level to collect data, educate personnel and patients, and oftentimes liaise with caregivers or employers.

If you’re interested in landing a remote job, the following websites can be useful resources:

Remember: in order to be successful in a remote job, you need to be able to motivate yourself to consistently perform well without the support of a team or supervisor in the same room. If, after careful evaluation, you believe telework is the right choice, then finding a remote job might be the best career choice you’ll ever make!

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