Five resources for finding a job in a new city

Five resources for finding a job in a new city

There can be many reasons you want to move to a new city. Perhaps you’ve just graduated, and you want to start your professional life in a new environment. Maybe you’ve decided to move because your significant other has just landed a job elsewhere and you want to accompany him or her. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a change of scenery and a new challenge. 

Whatever the reason, it’s always advisable to have a job lined up before you relocate. So how do you go about this? The following five resources can be useful:

  1. Employer websites. If you already know the city you’re moving to, you can research which companies in your industry are based there. Then all you have to do is go to their websites and research their career sections for appropriate positions. Keep in mind that if you’re moving to a city in the hopes of finding a position with a “dream” employer, you might not get a job with that company right away. Nevertheless, simply being closer can be useful, since you’re more likely to hear about interesting opportunities.

  2. Staffing companies. Visit a staffing company like Kelly. These companies have long-term connections with some of the best employers and can help you land a great gig. There’s no fee, and skilled recruiters will help you find a job that fits your skills and needs. It’s especially important to note that oftentimes, staffing companies hear about openings before they’re posted online; plus, they can help you get your résumé on the right desk instead of you having to go through the hassle of an online application. 

  3. Your network. Leverage your network to your advantage. Ask people you know who have a connection to your new city whether they know of any openings and/or can refer you to an employer. Remember: Referred candidates are five times more likely than average to be offered a position — and 15 times more likely than candidates from job boards, according to the Jobvite article “New Year, New Job: What Job Seekers Need to Know in 2017” by Amanda Van Nuys. 

  4. LinkedIn. According to Barb Darrow’s Fortune article titled “LinkedIn Claims Half a Billion Users,” the professional networking site features over 10 million active job listings, as well as information about more than nine million organizations. Since companies can list job postings on their company pages, this offers a convenient way of researching new opportunities. 

  5. Aggregate jobsitesGlassdoor, Monster, Indeed, and other aggregate websites are always a good place to search for jobs in your new location. These sites offer many filters to narrow down your preferences so you don’t wind up with endless lists of potential job openings.

Remember that moving to a new city can at times be daunting and stressful, so having a job lined up already is a wonderful way of making the transition a successful one. That’s why taking the time to use every resource at your disposal to find a job is a good investment of your time and energy. And once you’ve landed a job, it never hurts to ask if your new employer will offer you a relocation package or cash stipend to help you cover the costs of your upcoming move.  


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