5 Things Engineers Want Employers to Know

5 Things Engineers Want Employers to Know

If you’re a manager, you’re most likely a people person. You have great communication skills, you feel empathy with your employees, and you excel at getting the best out of your team members — regardless of their roles. 

But when it comes to managing the engineers on your team, you’re not always sure you get them. And that’s perfectly normal, considering that engineers are highly analytical professionals who often have a different communication style from managers. That’s why we’ve put together this list with five things engineers want employers to know: 

  1. They want to do work they’re passionate about. Let’s face it — engineers are in high demand, and this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Engineering professionals who don’t enjoy what they’re doing can easily look elsewhere. On the other hand, as Engineer Jobs reports, for engineers, working on something they believe in can make a significant difference in their overall job satisfaction. To prevent your engineers from jumping ship, make sure to match the right people to the right projects.
  2. Their skills don’t have to be a perfect match for a job or project. Maybe you’re looking to add a new engineer to your team, or perhaps you’re making a decision about which employee to assign to a certain project. What’s so important to understand is that oftentimes, engineers can adapt very quickly to a new challenge. They’re trained to solve problems — so with the right tools and frame of reference, they can accomplish a lot.
  3. They need work environments that enable creativity. Engineering isn’t just about analytical skills, so ask your engineers what changes you can make to enable a more creative work environment.
  4. They enjoy flexible work options. Flex work and telecommuting are popular among engineers because they allow for a better work-life balance. Find out how you can offer your team members more flexibility in how they work.
  5. Job titles matter to them — a lot. Engineers who’ve been on your team for longer than a year appreciate it when their job titles reflect their experience. According to The Muse, job titles can make a huge difference in engineers’ career trajectory. The more senior their job titles, the more and higher paid opportunities they’ll have available to them further down the line.

Of course, there may be other things that your engineers haven’t spoken with you about. So to make sure you’re all on the same page, regularly schedule one-on-one conversations and ask them if they have anything they want to talk with you about. 






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