Which Work Arrangement is Right For You: Onsite, Part-Time Telecommute, or Fulltime Telecommute?

Which Work Arrangement is Right For You: Onsite, Part-Time Telecommute, or Fulltime Telecommute?

More and more workers don’t just want a good work-life balance: They want work-life integration. That’s why an increasing number of companies are offering part- or fulltime telecommute work arrangements. However, before you jump on board with this trend, it’s wise to figure out if remote work is something you’re cut out for. Take our quiz to find out!


1. Which sentence best describes your work style?

a) I like collaborating with others in an office setting.

b) While I like to work with others, I also enjoy working on my own.

c) I prefer to work independently in my own space.


2. How good are you at motivating yourself?

a) I find it easier to get motivated when I’m around colleagues.

b) I’m relatively good at motivating myself, but sometimes I need support.

c) I’m a strong self-motivator.


3. Finish the following sentence:

When it comes to handling office hard- and software, I’m ____

a) not very knowledgeable.

b) not confident I can solve any major issues.

d) perfectly capable of troubleshooting any issues.


4. Which communication style best describes you?

a) I like interacting with people in person.

b) I can communicate well in-person, as well as via email or messaging.

c) I excel at communicating via email and messaging.


5. Finish the following sentence:

In terms of career advancement, I _________

a) believe that face-to-face contact is crucial.

b) believe that some face-to-face contact is important.

c) believe that the quality of my work speaks for itself, no matter where I’m located.



For each “a” answer, give yourself one point. For each “b” answer, give yourself two points, and for each “c” answer, give yourself three points.

The results

If your total score is between five and seven, then working onsite is probably best for you. You’re very social, and in-person contact is important to you. In fact, building and maintaining relationships might be one of your strengths. Look for a job that’s onsite, but keep in mind that you might be working with colleagues who are remote workers — so over time, you’ll likely need to improve your ability to maintain remote working relationships.  

If you’ve scored between eight and 12, then part-time telecommuting might be the best choice. While you’re a great communicator, you still like being in an office setting now and then. Moreover, the support you get from onsite colleagues helps you stay motivated. Look for a job that offers a balance between onsite work and telecommuting. In addition, make sure to be in the office for important events and occasions, as this can go a long way to keeping you top of mind for projects and promotions.

If your score is 13 or over, then you’re a born telecommuter. You’re a highly independent self-motivator with the technological and communication skills to maintain a successful home office. It’s also important that you’re confident about the quality of your work. You’d do well in a fulltime remote setting. Just make sure that the company you decide to work for offers the same advancement opportunities for telecommuters as it does for onsite workers.

Make the smart choice

Now you have a better idea of what type of work arrangement is best for you, you’ll be better equipped to find a job that suits your work style. Just remember to be patient: Not all companies offer telecommuting yet. So in the meantime, weigh your options, and make the smart choice for your career and your life.