3 steps to find a job with meaningful work

3 steps to find a job with meaningful work

You’re looking for a job—but you don’t want just any job. You want one that’s interesting, pays well, and provides good benefits. You want nice coworkers, the ability to telecommute now and then, and maybe even a few perks like an onsite gym or paid time off. Most of all, you want a job that allows you to contribute in a positive way to your community or to society as a whole.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re in good company. A 2016 Gallup poll described in the article “What Millennials Want From Work and Life” revealed that the majority of Millennials are idealistic and want their jobs to fulfill their sense of purpose. So how do you go about finding a job that gives you meaningful work? Follow these three simple steps and find out:

1. Define what you want your purpose to be. Do you want to help people live healthier lives? Do you want to help develop sustainable energy solutions? Do you want to put people to work? Just make sure that you’re truly passionate about whatever it is you select as your purpose.

2. Determine how you could find that purpose in a job. Obviously, it’s easier to see the purpose in some jobs than in others. For example, if you’re a solar engineer you can see directly how your work contributes to developing green solutions. However, you can also think about how the position you want or the type of company you want to work for contributes to a bigger purpose. If, for example, you’re a contact center manager, you could look for a job in medical supplies support or even in telemedicine.

3. Look for appropriate job openings with employers whose values and mission align with yours. The reason you should do this is that if your employer’s values conflict with your own, you could quickly become unhappy in your job. Research each employer’s history and take note of any negative incidents and how they were resolved. In addition, investigate its reputation pertaining to issues you care about, for example diversity, community involvement, and corporate accountability.

Keep in mind that as you progress in your career and move through different life stages, your purpose can develop and change. But if you remember to periodically take stock of your personal beliefs and values, you can take action to ensure that your work always provides you with opportunities to make a positive impact in the world.




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