Careers That Contribute: Make Helping Others Your Job

Careers That Contribute: Make Helping Others Your Job

You’re always the first to hold open a door or pull up a chair for someone with a mobility impairment. Or perhaps you’re the good friend that always lends a sympathetic ear when a friend’s down. Or maybe you’re heavily involved in organizing events for your local charity.

If any of these scenarios sounds like you, then you’re clearly a person with a passion for helping others. But did you know you can actually carry that passion over into your work? The following five occupations offer the opportunity to make a positive impact — while simultaneously having a solid career outlook!

  1. Registered nurse (RN): According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs coordinate and provide patient care, including education regarding health conditions. In addition, they provide emotional support to patients and their loved ones. They earn an average annual salary of $70,000, and the profession is set to grow by 16 percent by 2026.
  2. Social worker: Social workers work in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, hospitals, and human service agencies. They help people cope with — and solve — challenges in their everyday lives. They earn an average of $47,980 per year, and demand is expected to rise by 16 percent by 2026.
  3. Postsecondary teacher: Postsecondary teachers provide instruction for students beyond the high school level. They can teach a wide range of technical and academic subjects, and they generally work in colleges and universities, community colleges, and professional schools. An average annual salary is $76,000, and employment in this field is predicted to grow by 15 percent by 2026. 
  4. Social and community service manager: Social and community service managers work for non-profits, government agencies, and private for-profit social service organizations. They supervise community organizations and social service programs and earn approximately $64,100 per year. Demand for social and community service managers is expected to rise by 18 percent in the next eight years. 
  5. Occupational therapist: Occupational therapists provide therapeutic treatment to help ill, injured, or disabled patients recover or learn the skills they need to live and work. The average salary is $83,200 per year, and employment in this field is set to grow by 24 percent by 2026. 

Finding a meaningful job can mean the difference between simply having a job and actually enjoying what you do. So if you’re interested in any of these occupations, research companies that are currently hiring, and see if you can get your foot in the door. Because with the right qualifications and a lot of hard work, you’re likely to be looking at a long, successful, and fulfilling career.