Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Citizen Developer?

Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Citizen Developer?

A citizen developer is someone who, without any formal training in coding, develops business apps using low-code platforms within an IT-sanctioned environment. These business apps can be for use within the developer’s own company, but they can also be shared with others via intranets and app stores. 

Interestingly, a growing number of companies are relying on citizen developers to create their applications. According to Kintone’s report “The Rise of the Citizen Developer: 2017 Low-Code Adoption Survey,” more than half of surveyed executives said that most of their business applications were developed outside of their IT departments. In addition, more than 80 percent wanted more encouragement and support for their citizen developers. 

If being a citizen developer interests you, find out whether you have what it takes to be one by taking this short quiz:


Do you frequently recognize business needs that can be improved with an IT solution?

A.  Yes, I often see something to do with data management, processes, collaboration, or information tracking that I think could be done better.

B.  Sometimes, when I get frustrated with a specific application, I think of ways I could do it better.

C.  No, I work with what’s given to me, since that should be enough to get the job done.


Do you enjoy coming up with creative solutions for problems?

A.  Yes, I often solve problems in an innovative or unusual way.

B.  Sometimes. I do sudoku in my free time, does that count?

C.  Solving problems isn’t really my thing.


Are you interested in teaching yourself new things?

A.  Absolutely, I enjoy learning at my own pace.

B.  If I have to, but I’m not sure I have time.

C.  No, I’m too tired after work to learn anything new.


Can you work on a project by yourself with some oversight?

A.  Yes, I’m used to working independently.

B.  I’d have to try.

C.  No, I’d prefer to have the support of some coworkers. 


Do you take constructive criticism well?

A.  Yes, I’m always happy if someone has feedback that can make my work better.

B.  As long as it’s merited, I’m okay with it.

C.  I don’t like it, but I can see why it’s sometimes necessary.


Scoring your answers

For every A answer, give yourself 3 points. 

For every B answer, give yourself 2 points. 

For every C answer, give yourself 1 point.


Interpreting the results 

If you have between 5 and 7 points: Even though the idea of being a citizen developer might attract you, in reality, it’s probably not a good fit. You’re very focused on getting things done right nowrather than thinking about how they could be done with a different app. You’re also a team player who expends a lot of energy at work, so you might not have surplus energy at this point to learn anything that doesn’t pertain directly to your current career. Good advice: Concentrate on your career and keep advancing!


If you have between 8 and 11 points: You’re definitely interested in becoming a citizen developer, plus, you have some problem solving capabilities. However, you might not be ready to put in the hours and independent work required to develop apps. It’s advisable to spend some more time learning about what citizen developers do, and if it really interests you, you’ll find the time to become one.


If you have between 12 and 15 points: There’s no doubt that you’d make a great citizen developer! You recognize opportunities for business apps and have the creative problem-solving skills needed to develop them. In addition, you like to learn and work alone, and you take constructive criticism well. That means that if you’re developing an app with IT oversight, you’re more likely to see their feedback as a learning opportunity than as criticism. All things considered, you have the skills and qualities it takes to become a citizen developer, so determine what application you’d like to develop and start talking to your IT department about how to go about it.