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Read on to learn how these professionals leveraged Kelly’s connections and partnered with our talented recruiters to positively change their lives.

Jocelyn Lincoln - changing African American experience in the workplace


"We are at a turning point for culture."

Jocelyn's story


Siphan Phan - a soldier's story


"The work experience...they really helped me out. I honor them so much."

Siphan's story


Jennifer Simmons - a mother's story


"I wanted to go back into what I had been doing before, working as a research associate…I got a call from Kelly, had my interview, and the very next day they said, ‘We’d really like to hire you.'"

Jennifer's story

Eugene Guilkey - "A production manager with a brand new lease on life"

"Anybody can work for a wage, but Kelly put me in a position to get a job that not only do I love, but that I also enjoy. A year later, and my days still fly by because I love what I do. Not only did they change my employment status, they changed my mindset."    

Gene's story 


Dr. Kristin Fabre - "A scientific program manager finds her dream job"


"Working with Kelly brought me opportunities, career growth, and the ability to see what kind of jobs were out there."

Kristin's story