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Common Questions from Candidates

We know you probably want to learn more about working for Kelly Services. Here is a list of the most common questions we receive from employees and candidates. If you have specific questions or would like further information, contact your local Kelly branch.

  • What types of perks are available to me as a Kelly employee?

  • How soon can you identify opportunities and place me in a position?

  • Will someone remain in contact with me once I begin employment with Kelly?

  • What if the job I get isn’t right for me?

  • Does Kelly only place people in temporary assignments?

  • What happens at the end of my assignment?

  • How will Kelly Services help me enhance my skills?

  • If Kelly finds me a new full-time job, do I owe them any type of fee?

  • Is there an opportunity for me to become a full-time employee?

  • How do I apply if there is not a Kelly office in my area?

  • What companies do you work with?