Common Job Placement Questions | Career Resource Center | Kelly US

Hi, nice to meet you!

Want to know a little more about working with us?

  • What is Kelly?

  • Got it… but what does that mean?

  • I’ve never worked with a job placement agency before, but it sounds expensive. How much is Kelly going to cost me?

  • I thought job placement agencies only offered short-term jobs for quick cash over the holidays.

  • I still don’t know about this whole temporary work thing.

  • I like time off and healthcare coverage. Got anything for me?

  • I’m also into learning and upping my skills.

  • What if I don’t like the job?

  • How is working with Kelly different from me job searching on my own?

  • I could use some job search and résumé tips before I start applying. Got anything good?

  • Sounds good to me, I’m ready to apply! Now what?