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Contingent workforce solutions

Managing contingent labor
The use of contingent labor is on the rise as more workers seek the flexibility and opportunities that gig work provides and as companies realize how well contingent workers fit into their overall workforce strategy. Successfully managing this workforce is critical to achieving your financial and operational objectives. Whether you need a master vendor, a completely outsourced program, or anything in between, our suite of solutions will help you access the right talent, measure results, mitigate risks, and control costs. 

Master vendor
In a master vendor model, Kelly is your primary supplier in any given labor category and manages other vendors to meet your requirements. 

Technology-enabled master vendor
technology-enabled master vendor program from Kelly delivers complete visibility and control for engaging and managing contingent labor. This solution provides insight into every aspect of your labor usage and spend information including candidate reviews, timekeeping, and real-time reporting and analytics. 

Managed Service Provider (MSP)
For clients worldwide, we guide and manage all categories of talent to strategically drive business growth. Our Contingent Workforce Outsourcing (CWO) solution applies labor market insight, data analytics, and supply chain management principles to optimize contingent labor spend and deliver access to quality talent at competitive rates and with minimized risk, worldwide. 

Our consultative solutions will help optimize your workforce management strategy. Contact your local Kelly branch for more information our master vendor and technology-enabled master vendor solutions and contact the KellyOCG practice for information about our MSP solution.