Contingent Labor Management With Tech | Kelly US

Manage contingent labor with full visibility

Efficient spend management

Contingent labor is no longer a stopgap measure. It's a workforce strategy that more and more businesses are using to secure qualified talent, to control costs, and to capitalize on growth opportunities. Adding technology to a master vendor program puts online functionality for workforce orders at your fingertips. You'll also have complete visibility in the form of candidate reviews, timekeeping, and real-time reporting and analytics—every aspect of your labor usage and spend will be available to you always, with user-friendly technology.

The benefits of master vendor technology:

  • Online ordering, timekeeping and reporting
  • Reporting of multiple spend categories
  • Consolidation of invoicing across other preferred and backup suppliers
  • Online visibility to contractor usage by department, group and manager

Information-driven strategies

Do you know how long it typically takes to recruit and onboard talent, or how much overtime your contingent labor used last quarter? Gain clearer visibility to better plan for your short- and long-term workforce needs through our technology-enabled contingent labor management solution. Many companies anticipate an increase in their usage on contingent workers—yours may be one of them. Now is the time to put the tools in place to successfully manage and optimize your workforce management strategy.

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