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Hiring Veterans & Military Spouses

Genuine partnership for military recruitment

Kelly has long recognized the unique value that veterans bring to our customers. The military community presents a pool of highly skilled, highly trained, and uniquely experienced candidates who are loyal, hard-working and ambitious, and well-qualified to support a variety of employment opportunities.

Recruiting military personnel and their spouses is nothing new to Kelly. In our 70+-year history, we’ve developed close relationships and launched multiple initiatives to engage this valuable talent. Since 2015 we have put over 25,000 veterans, guard and reserves, and military spouses to work. 

In-demand skills that translate to the business world


Beyond proven professional skill sets, veterans tend to possess advanced soft skills, such as:

  • Leadership – Highly resourceful, veterans can work autonomously, perform exceptionally under pressure, and improvise on a moment’s notice.
  • Education – In addition to extensive military training veterans receive, approximately 30% of male veterans and 38% of female veterans have at least a college education. Source: DOL
  • Adaptability – Veterans have a strong work ethic, fierce determination, and the personal maturity to remain flexible in completing any assignment.
  • Discipline – The discipline learned in the armed forces translates well to the business world. Veterans are responsible, team-oriented, results-focused, and highly motivated to build an effective career outside of the military. 

Finally, veterans represent a very diverse population: more than 22 percent of veterans are minorities. Of minority veterans, 52 percent are African American, 30 percent are Hispanic, and 6 percent are Asian American. Source: VA

Military spouses

Today’s military spouses are skilled, diverse, and motivated, with sound work values and a strong work ethic­­––characteristics highly valued by America’s top employers. Military spouses are also tech-savvy, mobile, and more educated than their civilian counterparts: 84 percent have some college, 25 percent have a bachelor’s degree, and 10 percent have an advanced degree. Source: MSEP

Military spouses bring hard-to-find values and skills to a wide range of fields, including education and training, healthcare, business and financial services, information technology, skilled trades, and more. They are team-oriented, highly adaptable and resilient, with strong leadership skills—as well as highly effective under pressure.

Partnerships that translate to business success

We support ongoing relationships with all branches of the armed services, and serve as an active member of several veteran employment organizations, including:, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s, and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership—among others. 

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Recruitment targeted for the best talent

Kelly can help your company target the veteran and military spouse population by aligning your defined requirements with their military skills and experience. We have access to tools to help find and match veterans and military spouses with roles that fit their full potential. And through our vast branch network, we’re closely located to most major military installations across the United States, enabling better national recruiting programs for our clients.

Contact Kelly today for veteran talent to help you compete in an ever-challenging business landscape.