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Specialized Workforce Solutions and Talent Supply Chain Management

Helping you succeed In today’s dynamic marketplace 

Kelly recognizes that your talent requirements can vary based on industry or sector. So we stay ahead of any workforce trends that may dictate your next strategic move. We excel in flexible solutions informed by domain expertise across key industry verticals: 


  • Life Sciences – We work with 96% of Life Sciences companies on the Fortune 500® 
    • Includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device; toiletries; related chemicals; laboratory supplies; and surgical, medical, and ophthalmic instruments. 
  • Energy – We work with 86% of Energy companies on the Fortune 500® 
    • Includes oil, gas, petrochemicals, and utilities; oil and gas extraction and refining; pipelines; petroleum stations; electrical, gas, and sanitary services; and related chemicals 
  • High Tech – We work with 82% of High Tech companies on the Fortune 500® 
    • Includes electrical equipment, instruments (all-inclusive), computers, office equipment, and aerospace casings and castings 
  • Finance & Insurance – We work with 76% of Finance & Insurance companies on the Fortune 500® 
    • Includes banking; credit agencies; securities/commodity brokers; and holding, real estate, and investment companies; insurance providers, agents, and brokers 
  • Consumer Goods – We work with 84% of Consumer Goods companies on the Fortune 500® 
    • Includes consumer products, food & beverage manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), fashion and apparel, eyewear, and services companies 
  • Automotive – We work with 73% of Automotive companies on the Fortune 500® 
    • Includes direct OEMs and Tier I/II suppliers 
  • Diversified Conglomerates – In total, we partner with 85% of the Fortune 500® and 95% of the top Fortune 100™ organizations Partnership for better, faster results 


Partnership for better, faster results
We partner with you to understand your objectives and culture. So the talent we deliver in your industry or area of expertise will be a great fit to your business, every time. Contact us today for more information.