Kelly Project PERM - Hiring Process Training & Best Practices

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Kelly Project PERM

A traditional hiring process consists of a series of steps that begin with defining the position and progress through on-boarding and managing the new hire. The challenges of sudden or ongoing needs-or high-volume hiring projects-can result in competency or capacity gaps within your traditional hiring process, and slow its progress.

Kelly clients benefit from a rich source of analytics, trends, and insights across a spectrum of hiring strategies and talent acquisition. The consulting and expertise we provide take our recruitment strategies to the next level for project and talent management, built upon the core strength of Kelly recruitment leadership.

Kelly Project PERM is a customized, project-based solution that is designed to complement your hiring process by augmenting any parts of the process that slow it down. The solution essentially fills the gaps within your recruitment team without compromising speed, quality, or cost.

  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible
  • Cost effective

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