Top Five Certifications To Advance Your Management Career

Top Five Certifications To Advance Your Management Career

As an aspirational manager, you create opportunities to earn experience by working on innovative projects, attending trade shows, and representing your company at conferences. Nevertheless, the right certifications also play a key role in opening doors to the job you want—especially in today’s competitive business world. That’s why we’ve selected the top five certifications to help you advance your management career: 

1. PMP® Project Management Professional: According to research by the Project Management Institute, between now and 2027, employers worldwide will need an estimated 87.7 million project managers. That equals approximately 2.2 million new project-oriented jobs annually! The industries with the greatest need will be healthcare, manufacturing, construction, publishing, information services, and professional services, as well as finance and insurance. Since PMP® certifications are sought after around the world, earning your PMP® Project Management Professional certification can be a huge career booster.

2. Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM): As an increasing number of companies are opting for agile, project-based work, there’s a growing demand for managers with a CSM certification from the Scrum Alliance®. With a CSM certification, you’ll understand Scrum methodology, know how to facilitate strong teamwork, and be able to adapt the team’s focus to evolving conditions. CSM-certified managers are in high demand in IT, engineering, and other rapidly developing fields.

3. CBPA® Certified Business Process Associate, Professional, or Leader: With companies looking to streamline operations and integrate new technologies into their organizations, there’s a growing demand for managers who are CBPA® certified. The Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (AABPMP) offers certifications at the associate, professional, and leader levels, which reflect the stringent standards expected of qualified BPM professionals around the world.

4. AIPMM Certified Brand Manager: The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) offers this certification, which teaches you how to optimize customer relationship management, as well as maximize brand equity and value. Considering that customer experience is rapidly becoming more important to customers’ perception of brands than price or product, this certification will show potential employers you’re on the cutting edge of brand management.

5. AMA® Certificate in Analytical Skills: Since analytical skills are becoming increasingly important, earning one or more certificates in Analytical Skills from the American Management Association® is a smart career move. There are three certificate levels designed to equip you with progressively more advanced skills to quickly analyze and interpret data for strategic decision making.

With one or more of the above certifications on your résumé, you’ll not only indicate to employers you’re serious about your management career; you’ll also be able to demonstrate to colleagues the type of nimble thinking and strategic leadership that will make you an outstanding asset on any team.