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About our CADD solution

Companies naturally approach staffing challenges from an income-based perspective: “How many people will it take? What are their job titles? When can they start?”

Consider an outcome-based mindset instead. Turning “what do we need to do?” into “what needs to get done?” shifts the focus away from required steps, and toward desired results. This approach can save your business valuable time and money, and who doesn’t want more of that?

Of course, there’s still work to be done. That’s where our CADD solution comes in. We’re here to offer turnkey solutions—providing the specialized talent, technology, management, and distributed workforce models needed to deliver high-quality outcomes to your business.

We take care of the entire process for you: from pricing structures, to contractual details, to delivery. Plus, our satisfaction guarantee gives you extra confidence in the quality and on-time delivery of the final product.

Why Kelly
100+ million hours of CADD services delivered by our talent.
#1 most flexible delivery model on any size project.
Double digit growth expected in the global need for CADD talent by 2023.

FAQs about CADD

  • Can I get just one CAD draftsperson?

  • Do I need to provide space on-site for the talent you provide?

  • What do your outsourced CADD solutions include?


When you hire the same cut-rate CADD services, you get the same cut-rate CADD services.

Try Kelly for CADD services as an outcome-based solution. You’ll rest easy knowing you have a plan for talent and business that’s modern and efficient. Sounds like the right design to us.

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