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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental, health and safety vertical expertise

As population growth continues to strain the world’s finite resources, organizations are renewing their focus on environmental responsibility.

Kelly Services is a leading provider of health and safety or environmental science professionals, with multiple years of serving government agencies like the United States DOE, EPA, and NIH, plus leaders in the oil and gas industry. Our compliance training and strict screening processes assure you a superior quality in the rare skill sets needed for these specialized functions, including:

Environmental, Health and Safety Talent 

  • Air Quality Technicians
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Chemists
    - Analytical
    - Organic
    - Inorganic
    - Radiochemistry
    - Field and Mobile Lab
  • Compliance Inspectors and Trainers
  • Concrete and Soil Technicians
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Field and Recovery Technicians
  • Geologists / Hydrologists
  • Health Physics Technicians
  • Industrial Health and Safety Technicians
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Lab Assistants    
  • Laboratory / Data Auditors
  • Laboratory Managers / Section Heads
  • Lab Technicians
    - Prep
    - Wet Chemistry
    - LabPack
  • Life Scientists
    - Botany
    - Ecology
    - Microbiology
    - Wet Land Delineators
    - Zoology
  • Physicists
  • Safety Engineers
  • Site Assessment (Phase I and II)
  • Soil and Groundwater Samplers
  • Technical Writers and Editors
  • Waste Water Plant Operators   

Oil and Gas Industry Specialties 

  • Environmental Hygienists
  • SH&E Managers
  • Geospatial Technicians
  • HAZWOPER Certified Technicians
  • Marine Scientists
  • Soil Scientists
  • Environmental Engineers    
  • Environmental Chemists
  • Environmental Geologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Oil and Gas Chemists
  • Extraction Technicians
  • GC Chemists
  • BTEX Chemists   

Discover the staffing expertise that environmental organizations have enjoyed for years. Contact Kelly Services today.

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