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Chemical / Industrial

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From R&D and scale-up to manufacturing and QA/QC, Kelly Services has employees with experience in literally every facet of the chemical profession, from technician level to senior scientist support of R&D, manufacturing, and other critical functions.

Our recruiters are scientists themselves, giving them the industry knowledge to identify professionals with the perfect combination of analytical and problem-solving skills that you require.

Chemical and Industrial Expertise 

  • Chemists
    -  Analytical
    -  Environmental 
    -  Instrumentation
    -  Pilot Plant
    -  Polymer
    -  Process
    -  Quality Control / Quality Assurance
    -  Research & Development
  • Bioprocessing
  • Bioproduction
  • Chemical Operators
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Chemical Technologists
  • Environmental Professionals 
  • Geochemists
  • Lab Technicians

Let us provide the chemical professionals you need. For more information, contact Kelly Services for expert consultation and industry-specific workforce solutions.  


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