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Scientific Staffing

A strategic alliance partner for scientific workforce solutions

As your business evolves, the strategic impact of your clinical or scientific talent evolves with it. Kelly can help you adapt through a wide scope of workforce solutions that deliver the quality professionals you demand.

We built our recruitment success on the value of quality people. Today we are one of the world's leading sources for scientific and clinical research talent, built on our strategic partnership, depth of technical expertise, and longstanding experience in targeted science industry specializations.  As scientific advancements have become more sophisticated, and projects have become more complex - our talent solutions have kept pace with innovation for the past 20 years. Ranging from intern program management to Functional Service Provider (FSP) partnerships and beyond, we feature proven services that integrate hard-to-find, high-caliber talent into your business.

We speak your language

Kelly balances resource depth and breadth to address your workforce needs through niche consultation. You’ll benefit from a ‘scientists staffing scientists’ model for superior fluency in placing your most highly technical skill sets, since 87% of the Kelly Science team have degrees in science, with 20% holding multiple or advanced degrees.

We’re also keenly aware of how new trends, technology, and culture are impacting your science specialty. See the content at right for some of the latest thought leadership we’ve developed.

Discover how to adapt well ahead of the regulated, competitive world of science. Contact Kelly today.

Science Industry Specializations

Intuitive focus on the world of science at work 

We know that any scientific company’s success is the outcome of an exceptional scientific workforce. That's why Kelly approaches scientific recruitment with a mix of time-honored best practices and resourceful engagement with today's connected and global workforce.

We also feature deep experience across a number of industry sectors, for quicker comprehension of your needs and more reliable service delivery - we place 77,000+ employees yearly in the Life Sciences industry alone.

Kelly has the science industry covered, targeting key areas of focus:

Kelly is the most trusted name in the industry. We're also the most recognized brand for scientific staffing in the world, so we draw higher-caliber talent and job opportunities, while touching geographies and disciplines that many competitors can't cover.

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Kelly offers a service delivery culture that’s centered on meeting client and candidate needs. Strong relationships are the number one reason they both remain our satisfied customers.

Meet the leaders who are driving our success in your scientific workplace.

Bill McHale
Vice President, Scientific Staffing

Diane Barker 
National Science Sales Liaison

Harvey Yau
Senior Director, Science Global Practice Consultant, Professional Services Outsourcing

Intern Program Management

From intern to investment

As all signs point to increasing difficulties in finding the qualified scientific talent you’ll need, you can invest in what's next for your workforce through scientific interns.

By investing in interns, you’ll:

  • Fill your short-term workforce needs
  • Provide training and experience to students
  • Shape choices for academic coursework and career direction
  • Help build the next generation of scientific talent
  • And so much more!

We’ve placed thousands of interns in companies like yours—in disciplines that include pharmaceutical, biotech, device, petrochemical, agriculture, environmental science, clinical research, and more.

A pipeline of professionals

Successful science students need the right combination of academic and real-world experience to enhance their skills. After all, the knowledge they gain today is the foundation for tomorrow’s scientific advancements. Internships become more than contract assignments: they become mutual learning processes. Internships allow students to shape their choices for academic coursework and career direction—and help your organization feed the pipeline of experienced professionals for critical, hard-to-fill roles.

Connnect with one of our experts about hiring an intern!