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Electronic Assembly Staffing

Proven assemblyworkforce solutions

Kelly delivers highly skilled employees with the aptitude and dexterity needed to perform immediately in your unique work setting, covering a full range of electronic assembly disciplines, industries, and roles. We screen and hire approximately 10,000 new employees each year to support electronic assembly operations.

Backed by a history of proven quality and performance in partnering with thousands of organizations, we can guarantee your satisfaction with reliable temporary or full-time assembly specialists. We can also provide key market intelligence through local offices nationwide for a plan fit to your talent pool, as well as project-based or advanced managed solutions that you may need to stay ahead of the competition.

The groundwork of our success in workforce solutions for electronic assembly is our understanding of the skills needed to truly thrive in the electronic assembly environment. Benefits to your business include:

  • Evaluation – we partner with you to assess whatever hard skills are required for your electronic assembly jobs, delivering employees with the technical knowledge needed to contribute
  • Targeted Methodology – our recruiting and testing tools are both cost- and time-efficient, allowing for quicker turnaround of better quality employees
  • Less Risk – our best practices for occupational health, safety, or environmental concerns feature a detailed safety orientation that helps reduce workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism
  • Technology – Kelly Talent Connection to assist in effeciently scheduling and managing pools of talent

 Contact us today to keep your business operating at peak capacity by lowering turnover, increasing productivity, and improving reliability in your electronic assembly workforce.