Kelly Law Registry Delivers Top Legal Team | Case Study

Kelly Law Registry Delivers Top-Quality Temporary Legal Team / Saves Estimated $40,000 in Five-Week Period

Kelly Law Registry was successful in formulating a solid team of paralegals to review scores of internal documents before a national food and beverage manufacturer could proceed with plans to purchase another company. The work, conducted by paralegals who were billed at a significantly lower rate, resulted in an estimated cost savings of more than $40,000 within a five-week time period.


A Fortune 500 food and beverage manufacturer was seeking to acquire a competitor’s company, which required an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC ordered the purchaser to provide tremendous amounts of information, all of which had to be gathered and reviewed by legal experts within a five-week timeframe. The manufacturing company needed to form a sophisticated team of local paralegals who exhibited sensitivity in gathering the necessary information, expert communications skills and top legal knowledge. The analyzed information would then have to be entered into a database by each team member, which required a computer-savvy legal team, as well.


Kelly Law Registry (KLR) screened and selected a team of seven paralegals whose experience exceeded the project’s required level. The team was skilled not only in analyzing voluminous documents, but also in summarizing legal substantive content and entering it quickly and accurately into the document management database. As an additional benefit, each team member’s hourly rate for paralegal services was below the area’s standard market rate.

To ensure success, KLR also provided team members with a project orientation and specially written orientation booklet, and presented the client with a post-project debriefing document and a business review.


KLR was successful in analyzing the manufacturer’s needs, then went to work to put together a top-notch legal team and negotiate a paralegal rate below the area’s market rate. This lower rate resulted in cost savings to the client of approximately $40,000 during this five-week period.